New Owners for Cloverdale’s Historic Pick’s Drive-In

See who's taking over Pick's Drive-In, a hamburger spot that's been a Cloverdale icon since 1923

Claudia Clow serves customers at Pick's Drive In in Cloverdale. PD File Photo
Claudia Clow serves customers at Pick’s Drive In in Cloverdale. PD File Photo

In the ongoing awesome-ization of Cloverdale, news broke today that the owners of the Healdsburger restaurant have purchased the town’s historic Pick’s Drive-In.

David Alioto, who revamped a former A+W into the wildly popular burger shack on Healdsburg Ave. confirmed that he has purchased Pick’s from Claudia Clow in a “very friendly transaction.” “We expect to keep the charm of the 1923 restaurant, including their secret red relish recipe while implementing the same menu and quality of Healdsburger,” Alioto said.

Awesome news. The revitalized restaurant will join the burgeoning Cloverdale restaurant scene that includes Savvy on First, Trading Post Market and Bakery, Plank Coffee and Tea, Railroad Station Bar and Grill, Piacere, Zini’s Diner and of course, the World Famous Hamburger Ranch and BBQ.

Healdsburger was opened in 2012, and has become a favorite casual burger spot for locals and visitors in a town that’s become a foodie destination for everything from foie gras and white tablecloth dining to more casual picnic and family fare.

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34 thoughts on “New Owners for Cloverdale’s Historic Pick’s Drive-In

  1. I think you listed savvy on first as one of the restaurants in cloverdale. I’m pretty sure there closed. It use to be good. Than it went way down hill. That owner was crazy!!!

    1. I agree! Cloverdale is quite the distance, even for “locals” in SoCo! I moved to Nevada 3 years ago and that was one of my very favorite guilty pleasures!

  2. Great News! And to answer Victoria it’s a drive up – park you car and walk up to the outside bar…no seating inside Shakes are the Best!

  3. Great News! Pick’s is a drive “up” … park your car and order at the outside area. All outside – no inside seating to answer Victoria’s ? Best shakes anywhere and I love their vegan burger 🙂

    1. Friendly service, wonderful smiles, great food…
      I did a menu tour recently, and except the onion rings, everything was wonderful. The rings tasted a little oil-saturated…but a minor thing.
      I wish them a long and successful business of making folks in the Northern Sonoma County area happy.

  4. CLaudia has done a great job at keeping this Cloverdale institution alive. The Healdsburger team is a perfect fit for the next generation of Picks. Congrats to everyone. Hope to see some beers on tap.

      1. Thank you for breathing new life into the iconic spot. I can hardly wait to stop there on my way to or from the Anderson Valley. I just love Sonoma and Mendocino County. Almost every place you visit has reasonable price points for food and stays. It is so uncrowded and family friendly. I grew up in Healdsburg and it is amazing how things seem to get better and better. Maybe there is something special in the water. 🙂 Thanks again.

  5. Is the drive in the restaurant? Or is it a real drive in like park your car, and watch a movie on a huge screen drive in?

  6. My great grandparents, the Pickards, owned and ran Picks for many years. They purchased the meat and potatoes and and pressed their own patties and cut their own fries. I can tell they don’t do that anymore. I am glad that they will keep the hamburger with the relish because that’s what takes me back in time to the good old days as I am sure it does for a lot of other folks. I hope they will go back the the quality of the past too.

  7. Great news! My husband was born and raised in Cloverdale, and Picks is legendary. We had the best shake there on Father’s Day. And we are regulars at Healdsburger – Love their theme burgers and outdoor dining atmosphere deja vu drive up style.

  8. Does anybody eat at home anymore..
    Much more affordable and very engaging. ..I love going out but let’s be real!

  9. My wife and I love going to Picks since moving to Cloverdale (from Healdsburg). We love the food and the always smiling faces of the owner and her staff.
    We do enjoy Healdsburger, don’t get me wrong, but we will miss the old Picks. Thank you Claudia

  10. Congratulations! I am so excited that you are joining Cloverdale’s awesome food scene. Don’t forget to mention the beautiful new Papa’s Pizza is also part of that scene! Looking forward to trying your fare! Open soon!

  11. We are so excited for taking over this wonderful family business! Cannot wait to see it transformed! I just enjoy so much my black bean burguer with picks relish and I hope stays in the menu!

  12. David, good to hear you are taking over up in Cloverdale. Thanks for hiring and training so many young people!

  13. Congratulations all around!! Would love to see vegan options on menu..And, shout-out to the Thai restaurants in town as well ?

      1. Congratulations – you continue to make the Alioto Families ALL PROUD! Can’t wait to taste the veggie burger….have to make a pit stop in September! Best of Luck!

  14. I hope they balance the prices with the food. Last time I went it was almost $40 for just two people. It looked like Van de Camps fish sticks and a tiny Costco burger patty. We never went back, and that says a lot for a town with very limited restos.

    1. We will be implementing our menu over the next few months! Try Healdsburger if you want to see our quality , pricing , and portions!

  15. Too bad Trading Post isn’t open yet, I hear the bakery is OK, hope the rest lives up to hype.

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