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Dim Sum

dimsum1.jpgFresh China is now offering an authentic dim sum menu that takes advantage of organic and seasonal produce and tea pairings. I taste-tasted through the menu a few months ago as Chef Peter was finalizing his recipes and was especially impressed with his steamed dumplings, creative use of tofu and fried crab claw.Check it out and let me know what you think.  284 Coddingtown Mall, Santa Rosa, 707.527.6444.


5 thoughts on “Fresh China Dim Sum

  1. Fresh China serves mostly re-heated frozen DimSum items, and unfortunately, the non-frozen items are not very fresh, and are extremely salty. Don’t waste your money.

  2. Thanks to this blog, I tried Fresh China’s dim sum and loved it! I’m a vegetarian, so they circled the vegetarian items on the menu for me, and I ordered three — tofu skin roll, vegetable bun, and sweet squash (which turned out to be a bun, too, but that’s fine because I love dim sum buns) — all tasty, fresh, and wonderful.
    As a vegetarian, I’m thrilled that there’s a place to eat dim sum with a variety to choose from. Thank you, Fresh China. I’ll return soon.

  3. We were disappointed at their dim sum. Some tasted like pre-frozen. others just bland. This is the second Santa Rosa failed dim sum place. Bistro Chinois in Windsor has a small, tasty selection.

  4. We have the freshest largest,seafood selection,in Sonoma,Napa,and Marin county, From live uni(Sea urchin)to Live crab, up to 25 different type of oysters from local,pacific north west, Canada, East coast,Europe, New Zealand,every local seafood around,Also Anna Svedise is one of the most knowledgable person in the seafood business, also keeps the kitchen spotless

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