Name That Goat Cheese

Best idea wins some cheese

The Yet-Unamed Goat Cheese


The Yet-Unamed Goat Cheese
The Yet-Unamed Goat Cheese


Redwood Hill Farm has been busy crafting a new goat cheese, to be released as part of the Sebastopol dairy’s 45th anniversary. And they need your help naming it!

Think you’ve got a great idea? Here’s what you need to consider: It’s a new addition to their family of handmade, bloomy rind cheeses (think of Brie or Camembert). Similar to their award-winning ‘California Crottin’ and ‘Terra’ cheeses, there’s one major difference: Instead of the texture firming with age, it ripens soft and creamy. Descriptors: Robust, earthy, complex, long flavor profile.

Leave your suggestions for the new name in the comments below. I’ll choose my favorite for submission to the Redwood Hill, and that BiteClubber will win their choice of the “Cheeseboard” or “Traditional Favorites” from the Redwood Hill Dairy catalog of deliciousness. I can’t promise you’ll win the ultimate cheese-naming contest, but here’s to trying!