Sauced BBQ Livermore Coming to Petaluma

Sauced BBQ, based in Livermore, will be opening in Petaluma this May at the Basin Street Properties Theater District.

Sauced BBQ and Spirits will be coming to Petaluma this spring.
“Rednexican Nachos” Sauced BBQ and Spirits will be coming to Petaluma this spring.
Sauced BBQ and Spirits will be coming to Petaluma this spring.
“Rednexican Nachos” Sauced BBQ and Spirits will be coming to Petaluma this spring.

Adding to the new Basin St. Properties Theater District restaurant lineup (after several closures), is Livermore-based Sauced BBQ and Spirits. The South Bay restaurant is focused on, natch, ‘que, but also is noted for a huge lineup of hard-to-find whiskies and fried-deliciousness-overload. Meaning everything from tot-tas (tater tots with cheddar, bacon jam, sour cream, jalapeno and chives), “Rednexican” nachos with brisket, polbano questo, beans, corn, jalapenos and bbq sauce, ribs, burgers, links, and of course fried Oreos and banana pudding.

Expect the same in the North Bay. BYO-Bib. And did we mention 25 large screen TV’s and live country music? Awesome blossom.
Opening May 2015

The restaurant joins Bistro 100, which recently opened.



16 thoughts on “Sauced BBQ Livermore Coming to Petaluma

  1. Y’all need to check out the Livermore location before making judgement. This is just what Petaluma and the Theatre District needs.

  2. Jason, I did not mention local food or my not liking it. Tres Hombres was never good and their food did not “go downhill as you say” It was garbage from minute one. So you don’t even live in Petaluma so why do you think you are the authority? You are obviously a hipster yourself and you are offended by the comment. Go trim your moustache and drink some craft beer.

  3. So is that why hipsters are fit? Because they are willing to walk a block after stuffing their pieholes? That is rich. Theater district is a great spot for a dinner and movie night. RP is a cesspool of chain restaurants with zero ambiance. So I usually make the trip down.

    Tres Hombres was successful for many years btw. It was the change in menu and food going downhill that really sank them. Really like Rosso’s but excited to try this.

  4. Been in SoCo 40 yrs and Petaluma has been North Marin the whole time. My family was priced out of Petaluma 35-40 years ago, so what’s new? More yuppy sprawl? Wow, shocking.!

  5. A friend used to work at the Livermore restaurant. He told me a few not so pleasant stories. Regardless, they are going into the horrible location that Tres Amigos couldn’t make work. As this isn’t San Francisco, nobody here will go to a restaurant that you have to park two or three blocks away from. Like John said – another gimmicky hipster restaurant.

  6. Do you dislike good local food John? Plenty of low cost choices, if that’s your beef. 4th &C, McNears, just about every flavor of fast food.

    Just curious what you miss. Marvin’s? Long John Silver? Their is a fair amount of the old places still around.

  7. This sounds very different than the other restaurants we have in town which isn’t a bad thing. Welcome to Petaluma, Sauced BBQ & Spirits!

  8. I agree it does feel more and more Marin-like. However, i would say the VAST majority of restaurants are still locally-owned, and many also have locally-sourced food. I think that’s been a huge improvement.

    The Petaluma I remember from the early 90s wasn’t a big destination restaurant-wise.

  9. Sounds like another gimmicky hipster restaurant for downtown Petaluma. The Petaluma I grew up with is no longer available. It has become Marin North. .

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