Justin Trudeau: These Sonoma County Doughnuts Are Worth $4, or More

Sometimes great doughnuts are worth every penny.

First it was Pete Buttigieg’s crystal-encrusted wine cave. Now it’s Justin Trudeau’s doughnut-gate. If there’s one thing that seems to spark controversy on social media these days, it’s politicians getting shiny — or glazed — things.

Just weeks after Buttigieg drew criticism for hosting a fancy fundraiser at an exclusive Napa Valley winery, the Canadian prime minister is under attack for buying $4 gourmet doughnuts (and posting evidence of this on Twitter).

To add to the doughnut drama: Trudeau got his pastries from the Winnipeg gourmet doughnut shop, Oh Doughnuts, and not from Canada’s immensely popular doughnut chain, Tim Hortons.

“Elitist,” said Canadians outraged by the price of the pastries and Trudeau’s destination for doughnut shopping. “It all depends on the doughnuts,” said the staff at Sonoma Magazine. (One person, who will remain unnamed, added: “what could be sweeter than the words ‘Justin Trudeau’ and ‘doughnuts’ in the same headline?”)

Now, we’ve never tried Oh Doughnuts’ take on the popular pastry, but we have paid $4 (and more) for Sonoma County doughnuts and we did not regret it one (fried) bit — as a matter of fact, if Justin Trudeau would like to come here and buy a few fancy doughnuts for our next staff meeting, we can only say: Mais Oui!

And so, Mr. Trudeau, if you are reading this, click through the above gallery for a few places where you can buy us doughnuts — sans controversy and regrets.