Jamaican Me Hungry: New Caribbean Restaurant in Sebastopol

New Jamaican restaurant, Revibe, opens in Sebastopol with exotic Caribbean cuisine

Photo: Slip Stitch and Press

With all the Rasta-wannas in the North Bay, it’s something of a shocker that real Jamaican cuisine hasn’t yet made it to our neck of the woods (at least under my 10-year-watch), but blouse an skirt, we’ve got one now.

Revibe Cafe and Scoop Bar has opened in Sebastopol, featuring “Beenie” plates (think small plates featuring jerk, curries, roti and other Jamaican cuisine) and house-churned exotic ice creams like banana-ginger, jackfruit, tamarind and passionfruit. It’s been a three-year project Will Abrams and his Jamaican-American wife, Dr. Eki Abrams, renovating a World War II-style quonset hut into a modern restaurant.

Photo: Slip Stitch and Press
Photo: Slip Stitch and Press

Jamaican chef Anthony Walters came to Sonoma County six months ago to launch the restaurant, giving authentic flavor to dishes like goat curry, pulled pork Roti wraps, steak patties, jerk chicken, yam “cookup” and Ital stew, a traditional Rastafarian vegan dish. Prices are family-friendly, with small plates priced at $8.26, sides at $3.67 and $3.50 scoops.

Photo: Slip Stitch and Press
Photo: Slip Stitch and Press

The restaurant has a social focus as well, pledging 50 percent of profits to local non-profits. More details soon on this Sebastopol Jamaican restaurant.

7365 Healdsburg Ave., Sebastopol, revibecafe.com.



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  1. Closed for whatever the reason. I think restaurants need to give themselves time to get established. It was definitely appreciated around here, but really 5 months is not really long enough to establish a clientele.

  2. Sounds great! Quality food, fair price, platform cause and quite unique for SoCo. In my mind, I’m already there greeting and dining with my bright eyed confidants.

    Zdiggs out

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