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Hopmonk Novato opens

Hopmonk #3 for Gordon Biersch

The massive space briefly occupied by Southern Pacific Smokehouse in Novato has re-opened as the third Hopmonk Tavern in the North Bay. 

The location, at 224 Vintage Way inside the Vintage Oaks Shopping Center is extra-large, seating 145 inside and an additional 80 in the outdoor beer garden. The Novato location will also be home to “The Session Room”, a stage for live music and open mic nights. Sonoma County’s Pete Stringfellow is among the first acts, appearing Dec. 1 at 7:30p.m.

Look for 15 different beers on tap including Unfiltered Kellerbier and Dunkleweizen plus more than 85 bottled beers a the Tavern Bar. The menu will follow the same format as the other two restaurants.

Seems third time’s a charm for the Dean Biersch project.

Open daily at 11a.m. with Hoppy Hour Mon-Thurs from 3-6p.m. 

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11 thoughts on “Hopmonk Novato opens

  1. I visited this HopMonk on Wednesday night. They are still working out the details but it is soon to be a great hangout with good food and drinks. Not to mention the awesome open music room. Wednesday night was open mic night and the place was packed.. So happy to see that in Novato as we need something like this soooo badly.. Moylan’s always disappoints, so having HopMonk come to Novato is wonderful addition to this craft beer lover..

  2. They are not in the same plaza as Moylan’s. Moylan’s is across the street, way across the street. Moylans ONLY has their beer, HopMonk has, if you read, 15 different on tap plus 85 different in bottles. I’ve enjoyed the other 2 locations and will enjoy this as well. The more beer choices the better.

  3. Maybe they’ll someday figure out that customers want their soup or salad orders brought to the table before their main course. Unless you ask, it’s all delivered at once. If you ask, they act surprised that you’d want your first course first.

    Their food is good, but their service concept is flawed.

    1. “Unless you ask, it’s all delivered at once.”

      LOL, you’re not eating at the French Laundry.
      Hopmonk is a tavern specialized in beer and tavern food.
      If you order your food all at ONCE your food will come all at once, unless specified.
      Maybe be a little bit more specific lol servers DON’T read minds….. just saying.

      Love, love, love all of Hopmonks food/beer and not to mention good company from the employees.

  4. Wow bite club is really focused on the the mundane as usual. You’d think that with the state of economy, Bitey would try focusing on some of the smaller places in Sonoma County, but instead, probably got a free plate of nachoes at this place, so the story goes to this place.

    Please press demo, get a real writer that does more than announce the opening and closing of restaurants. Also, someone that visits places where she isn’t getting a free meal voucher for writing about them. I want to know about mom and pop places, not another winey, pubby, infused this or that place. Please….please….pleas….plea….ple….p

    1. Interesting, Captain. A whiner. I suggest Stephen start dining at Shari’s in Rohnert Park. Or maybe Star in Cotati.

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