Haverton Hill Creamery Sheep Milk Ice Cream

Haverton Hill Creamery in Petaluma makes one of the nation's first 100% sheep's milk ice cream.

Haverton Hill Sheep Milk Ice Cream is made from 100% sheep's milk fro Petaluma. Photo from Haverton Hill.
Haverton Hill Sheep Milk Ice Cream is made from 100% sheep’s milk fro Petaluma. Photo from Haverton Hill.


Move over Bessy, ‘cause there’s a new udder in town.

Petaluma’s Haverton Hill Creamery, which produces the nation’s first commercially available bottled sheep’s milk, is moving in to the ice cream business. Now appearing on the shelves of Sonoma County grocery stores are small batch pints of vanilla bean, dark chocolate cocao nib, mint chip and hazelnut crunch 100% sheep’s milk ice cream.

Lower in fat than cow’s milk and low in lactose to boot, its lush and creamy and everything ice cream should be. Tasters said they could definitely tell it wasn’t cow’s milk, but had its own unique quality. Suffice to say that if you like sheep’s milk cheese, you’ll get it.

Churned at their farm, it’s made with fresh milk, egg yolks and cane sugar — the old fashioned way. There are seasonal specialty flavors, with Taylor Maid coffee the star of the moment. At $10.99 the price is a bit steep, but keep in mind that sheep produce significantly less milk than cows, so it takes a whole lot more milking.

Look for it at Oliver’s, Community Market and local Whole Foods.


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  1. The same day this was in the paper, you talked about Share Tea, which I cannot find on the website.

    I too like the teas with boba, and went in yesterday to try glass jelly in my tea. The (rather unfriendly) cashier said they don’t have that. (I actually prefer Quickly these days because the one cashier borders on rude. I prefer the heavy set girl, but she’s not usually cashiering when I go in.)

    Anyway, if it’s not glass jelly, what were you referring to? Or was she wrong?

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