Handline Fish and Food Coming

Handline Fish and Food, from Sebastopol restaurateur Lowell Sheldon of Peter Lowell's, will open in 2015

Handline, a new restaurant from the owner of Sebastopol's Peter Lowell's, is slated to open next spring.
Handline, a new restaurant from the owner of Sebastopol’s Peter Lowell’s, is slated to open next spring.

Restaurateur Lowell Sheldon of Sebastopol’s Peter Lowell’s will open Handline Fish and Food, a “California coastal inspired restaurant” next May with partner Natalie Goble. There has been plenty of speculation about what’s going on at the former Foster’s Freeze on Gravenstein Highway, but Sheldon plans for a chef-driven menu that isn’t about clam chowder and fish and chips, but is more inspired by Californian flavors.

“We are many things in California, but essentially we are a blend of Mexican and American. This is our history, and this is what we grew up eating,” said Sheldon. Inspirations for the restaurant, he said, include the Marshall Store, Fish Restaurant, Gott’s Roadside, Swan Oyster Depot, the old Foster’s Freeze and El Molino Central.

The menu is still in development, but think ceviche, fish tacos, burgers, seafood stews and salads.

Also from Sheldon, Peter Lowell’s has recently implemented a no tipping, inclusive service charge to help employees earn a fair wage. Similar programs have come and gone in the county, but frankly, it’s time for food service professionals to earn enough to survive in this already insanely expensive region.

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10 thoughts on “Handline Fish and Food Coming

  1. Crying about the tip on the bill? Don’t eat out. Restaurant workers deserve decent pay. So many people who eat out are cheap tippers. This is a kind of middle class imperialism. “I deserve good restaurant food and service, but don’t care if the workers who serve me get a decent wage.” Good for Peter Lowells and the new restaurant. How about making it 25% for the tip on the bill?

  2. While not a fan of Peter Lowell’s for myself, I do appreciate what they offer. I love Gott’s and hope this follows their lead. Excited to have some new options in Sebastopol — especially fresh fish options. The building looks very nice. I do miss the nostalgia associated with Foster’s Freeze, but I never cared for the food. Good luck!

  3. Oh cool, no tipping? So the food prices are just going to be jacked up and you’ll be adding an 18% tax to my bill. Typical sebastopol restaurant! This town gets worse every year.

  4. Really looking forward to Lowrll’s new project. Also hoping it is not going to be insanely expensive. Please don’t price out the locals.

  5. Peter Lowell’s is one of the best restaurants in Sonoma County. I am sure that Handline will also exceed expectations with such a great team behind its execution.

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