Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Just Moved to Miami

Sonoma’s hometown celebrity chef is launching a fried chicken shop in Florida.

Is Guy Fieri bucking to become the next Colonel Sanders? You bet your donkey sauce. And he’s taking Flavortown with him.

Sonoma’s hometown celebrity chef is launching a second fast-food fried chicken shop in Miami called — wait for it — Chicken Guy! He opened the first concept at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs last August. The project is a collaboration with Robert Earl, founder of Planet Hollywood.

Chicken Guy! in Florida

Chicken Guy! will feature all sorts of fried chicken goodness with a focus on everyone’s favorite, chicken fingers. But here’s where it gets really saucy, there will be 22 flavors of dipping sauces. You heard that right, 22. That means 407 million combinations. Here’s the rundown:

– Special Sauce (mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickle juice)

– Donkey Sauce (mayo, roasted garlic, mustard, Worcestershire, lemon)

– Chipotle Ranch

– Ranchero

– Curry Mayo

– Wasabi Honey

– Cumin Lime Mojo

– Bourbon Brown Sugar

– Buffalo

22 signature sauces are the feature at Chicken Guy!

– Blue Cheese

– Buttermilk Ranch

– Lemon Pepper

– Honey Mustard

– Teriyaki

– Garlic Parmesan

– Sweet N Sour

– Avocado Crema

– Nashville Hot Honey

– Peri Peri (roasted red peppers, chiles, garlic, onion)

– Habinero Hot Sauce

– Spicy Mayo

– Sweet Sriracha BBQ

No word on any plans for a Sonoma County outpost. Yet.


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