Guy Fieri Restaurant Tex Wasabi’s Closed for Repairs?

A second round of plumbing issues has closed celebrity chef Guy Fieri restaurant Tex Wasabi's in Santa Rosa

guy fieri restaurant tex wasabi's
Guy Fieri restaurant Tex Wasabi’s has shuttered for repairs

It seems a “plumbing issue” has closed Guy Fieri restaurant, Tex Wasabi’s “until further notice”.

A sign appeared on the Fourth St. restaurant Monday, stating that the celebrity chef’s rock and roll sushi barbecue joint would be undergoing a construction phase for a “short time” and closed “until further notice.”

Looking inside, the furniture has been removed, and floors are covered with paper.

Tex Wasabi's sign on Nov. 16, 2015.
Tex Wasabi’s sign on Nov. 16, 2015.

Reps say, “The restaurant is closed temporarily for repairs and will reopen as soon as possible.” An employee who answered the phone at the Santa Rosa restaurant stated that there was a “plumbing issue” that needed to be resolved.

This isn’t the first time faulty plumbing has closed Tex Wasabi’s. In 2009, a ruptured sewer pipe caused severe water damage, resulting in a 19 month closure. As crews began renovations on the old building, more damage surfaced and more repairs were needed, said reps.

A Tex Wasabi’s restaurant in Sacramento closed in 2013 (the only other Tex Wasabi’s), as well as a Johnny Garlic’s restaurant. Guy Fieri operates two Johnny Garlic’s restaurants in Sonoma County, as well as restaurants in New York City, Baltimore, Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Fieri appeared this weekend at a benefit to aid Valley Fire survivors.


26 thoughts on “Guy Fieri Restaurant Tex Wasabi’s Closed for Repairs?

  1. “Closed for Plumbing Repairs” is Sonoma County code for “RAT Infestation”. Enjoy your hot dog.

  2. Funny …I doubt it’s closed due too plumbing everytime a head chef trues to make the food better guy closes the place and fires most of the staff and says they are closed for repairs…horrible businessman chef and person I wish he would leave the county

  3. I’ve been to Johnny Garlic’s a number of times, and always enjoyed it; a little pricey, but the french dip is awesome, and their burgers are great. I know his personality rubs people the wrong way, but it’s not like he’s actually in the kitchen cooking the food I ordered.

    It’s possible to separate the character he plays on TV and the food his restaurants put out..

    1. You have to shutter when you think of the abomination his “wines” must be. If they’re anything like his food, they are probably a freakish science experiment and amalgamations too “extreme” for the likes of mere mortals.

      I imagine it going something like this…

      “I start with a 3 gallon jug of Cabernet I stole from a homeless man, mix it in with a 12 year old expired bottle of Welch’s Grape Juice, toss in jalapeno’s, wasabi mayo, half a bottle of Everclear, crushed up Valtrex, and of course one full bottle of Axe Body Spray, and you have yourself some Guy Fieri Signature Wine! Check out my new label Douche & Annoy!”

        1. Wow…clearly you are totally unfamiliar with sarcasm. Jokes on you for actually taking somebody’s joke posting seriously.

        2. thank you for the morning chuckle swki, very good one. hey biteclub lighten up dude…I honestly think…lookin for free bottle?

  4. Ironically…after eating Guy’s food I bet anyone would do enough devastation to their own bathrooms at home to cause “plumbing problems”. It’s an endless circle of destruction.

  5. There are issues with those buildings. It’s one of the reasons the Cafe Portofino location remained vacant.
    However, gotta pile on with the snarky comments about Guy’s restaurants. After not going in there for years tried take out from Johnny Garlic’s a few months ago and the food was so bad I threw it out. Also their service is horrible. Tex Wasabi was famous for high prices, bad service, and mediocre food. Like many I haven’t been in there for years.

  6. You NEVER, EVER want to eat at any restaurant where there’s a “plumbing” problem.
    Wash your hands……..

  7. Not closed for a “plumbing issue,” multiple diners got food poisoning last weekend at Tex Wasabi’s.

    1. It is actually a plumbing issue that involves ripping the floor apart. I wouldn’t want to dine in a restaurant where the floors were torn apart.

  8. it probably doesn’t help that the shared bathroom upstairs next door to the thai restaurant is usually in poor shape, and I’d imagine the plumbing from the restroom isn’t much better either..

  9. Seriously Biteclub? This is long overdue. Guy’s food has always stunk. I’m surprised anything is still open. If it wasn’t for the 18-25 year old diners who have no taste they would all be close. His appeal is only that of a celebrity and not his food. IT has always been horrible, even though you have been his shill for along time. Its finally time for you guys to write an honest review on his food. Get to work!

      1. Indeed!!! And let us not forget his legendary “Donkey Sauce” that elevated him to a God-like culinary status!!! His existence has been the benefit of all mankind.

    1. I am 26, but I have always found it to be subpar and too expensive. Don’t appreciate being categorized as someone who has “no taste”.

    2. I don’t think I could ever top Pete Wells’ brilliance, so why try. I have limited time and budget for dining out stories, and tend to stick to ones worth trying.

      1. …and besides. Guy hasn’t given you any money or other “considerations” to make sure you dedicate time and photos to boost his business.

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