Guerneville Taco Truck

I have seen the light and the G-ville truck is my burrito hero.

I’ve long sought the greatest taco truck in Sonoma County.

There have been adventures to Roseland, Sonoma, and beyond. Many outstanding. Some good. Some not so much.

But through it all has been the Holy Grail yet untried: The Guerneville Taco Truck. Set up most days in the Safeway shopping center, it needs no name other than “Authentic Mexican Food”. That, and the line that stretches sometimes 10 or 20 deep on particularly sunny days.

There is little to say aside from: I have finally seen the light, and Guerneville Taco Truck, you are my burrito hero. My carnitas champion.

When you know, you know. Dare to compare.

Don’t believe me? Ask the Yelpers.

Guerneville Taco Truck, in the Safeway Shopping Center, 869-3023.

What’s your favorite taco truck, and why?