Grossman’s Reopens for Takeout in Santa Rosa

Don't worry, you can get your fresh bagel fix...fixed

Dahlings…it’s time to quit your kvetching and get your tuchus down to Grossman’s Deli for some bagels and schmear already.

After a brief closure, Grossman’s has reopened with a menu of Jewish deli favorites in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square. The newborn restaurant’s March launch happened to coincide with Sonoma County’s shelter-in-place orders, throwing a giant wet matzoh on the grand opening.

Warm rye bread at Grossman’s Courtesy photo

But, with a bit of retooling, a simplified menu and to-go cocktails, beer and wine added to the mix, Grossman’s is taking online orders for curbside pickup Thursday through Sunday. If you’re lucky one of the Starks may even bring your delivery out! To order, go to

On the menu:
– All the homemade bagels and schmear one could need for carbo-loading before your next boring Zoom call.

A pastrami sandwich on rye at Grossman’s. Terri Stark

– Pastrami and Corned Beef Sandwich kits, because your kids can make you lunch for a change.

– Pastrami-style smoked salmon for the aforementioned bagels.

– Stark’s Steakhouse Steaks: It’s almost like going out for dinner somewhere fancy, but you don’t have to wear pants. Comes with garlic herb butter to really class it up.

– Challah, rye, pastrami and corned beef: Because after you eat that first sandwich, you’re gonna want another

– Bloody Mary Kit: Includes the vodka and homemade mix. Two o’clock is the new happy hour.

– Negroni Kit: Did you even see Stanley Tucci’s brilliant Instagram video? I’ve been craving a Negroni ever since.


8 thoughts on “Grossman’s Reopens for Takeout in Santa Rosa

  1. The Bagel Mill in downtown Petaluma has been doing online ordering for awhile. Dozen organic sourdough bagels for $20. Get fresh veggies and other toppings next door at the Petaluma Market!

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  2. In looking at the menu there are no single sandwiches, only sandwich kits for those of us who just want a sandwich. Am I missing something?

    1. You’re not missing anything. Grossman’s is not selling single sandwiches at this time. This may change as they are adding items to the menu on a weekly basis. They’re operating with a small crew and need to keep selections streamlined for now. The menu is updated Wednesday night on the website, Instagram, and Facebook, so check back.

    1. I was disappointed in what looked like a quart-sized container of matzoh ball soup to go, that there was only one matzoh ball within. I wanted to have the soup before 2 meals and figured I’d have the broth at one sitting and the other half for dinner recently; however, had to conclude I had no choice other than to cut the one matzoh ball in half for both portions, I felt there should be 2 matzoh balls in the to go container, just sayin’!

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