Gossip: French Garden, Pesto, Rosso & more

Rosso Pizzeria, French Garden, Restaurant Eloise, Jackie's Sports Bar

Chef Shuffle at French Garden Restaurant
Less than a year after hiring Frenchman Didier Gerbi to head the kitchen at his Sebastopol restaurant, owner Dan Smith has replaced him. It’s the most recent in a long line of fallen toques at the restaurant. Smith continues to search for that elusive combination of a true farm-to-table West County local cuisine taking full advantage of the fruits and veggies from Dan’s 30-acre farm.

 “We just weren’t there,” Smith tells BiteClub. New Chef Peter Roelant, who’s from Switzerland by way of Los Angeles, has some serious chops. He’s a protege of Freddy Giradet, a three-Michelin-star Swiss chef, and has done stints at the former Four Oaks and popular Wine Bistro (both in LA). We’re hoping that Smith has finally found his man. Where you ask? Roelant is yet another Craigslist find. The new chef starts this week, and the menu will begin to transition immediately.8050 Bodega Ave., Sebastopol, 707.824.2030.

Restaurant Eloise, $35 Dollar Recession Special
Wallet feeling a little light these days? The up-and-coming restaurant offers a three-course menu for $35 dollars and waves corkage each Wednesday night. 2295 Gravenstein Hwy South, Sebastopol, 707 823 6300

Alice’s becomes Pesto
Details are still a little sketchy on the transformation at Sebastopol’s Alice’s Restaurant, but BiteClub hears that it’s staying all in the family. The restaurant will be reinvented as “Pesto” and will be open for Mother’s Day brunch with many of the same folks involved. 101 S. Main Street Sebastopol, (707) 829-3212. Stay tuned for more.

Jackie’s Sports Bar in Healdsburg (9 Mitchell Ln., Healdsburg, (707) 433-6362, formerly Western Boot Steakhouse) has been closed while undergoing some renovations, but insiders tell BiteClub it’s about to start serving up BBQ, joining the growing ranks of ‘q-ers around the county.

Pizza on Wheels
Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar
(53 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa, (707) 544-3225) been high on our radar lately, continuing to be packed on the weekends despite the sagging economy. And still churning out that incredible burrata BiteClub loves so much. Word is they’ll have a mobile pizza oven starting May 13 at the Santa Rosa Wednesday night market. We also found out that  the much-loved Kashaya’s Brick Oven Pizza (another mobile pizza baker) who’s been gracing Petaluma and other West County farm markets will soon be coming to the Saturday market in Santa Rosa. Can’t Wait!


6 thoughts on “Gossip: French Garden, Pesto, Rosso & more

  1. French Garden – Night before Valentines day-We were stuffed in like sardines, service was overwhelmed and the meal was overpriced and over the top silly. Not the restaurant to go to for either a romantic meal or a satisfying dinner

  2. Maybe Pesto will take down all the cheap signage that Alice’s put up. It looks so desperate, I would never go in.

  3. Peter is fantastic, absolutely world-class…
    And I probably shouldn’t mention this but…
    While I was house-sitting for him once in L.A., I found out that his favorite dish is Stouffer’s Lasagne!
    Everyone has a secret vice!
    You’re going to love Peter. He’s not just a great chef, but also a warm and caring person.
    Bon apetit!

  4. Went there last night to just have a cocktail and the place had a much more casual vibe than I have gotten in the past. Very relaxed and friendly and the bartender was multitasking to perfection. Perfect place to sit outside and have a nice dinner if the cars don’t get too loud. Can’t wait to go back when the chef gets in his groove.

  5. “waves corkage each Wednesday night.” Is that like saying hello/goodbye? Or something in the ocean?

  6. Lemme tell you…Peter Roelant is HOT S**T!!! WOW!!! He is one incredible chef! Hate to say it, he most likely won’t stay for long at this place, but at least we got him up here to our end of the state. Welcome, Peter!

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