How to Camp Away From the Crowds in Sonoma County

An online marketplace helps people discover and book campsites, cabins, yurts, barns, and other rustic-chic retreats for a unique and private experience.

Looking for a way to escape your house without having to closely interact with anyone? Online marketplace HipCamp, “the Airbnb of camping,” rents out pieces of private land where travelers can pitch a tent or park their RV. There’s also a glamping section of the website where you can book cabins, barns, and other rustic-chic retreats that take the “roughing it” out of camping. Each listing offers either a completely private experience or one that’s semi-private, which seems suitable during the pandemic. You definitely won’t be sharing bathroom facilities with dozens of other campers, which is the greatest risk when it comes to camping right now.

Click through the above gallery to see a few HipCamp glamping sites in Sonoma County. 


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