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Get Pickled

Mmm. Fried pickles.

Fried Pickles at Viola Pastry
Fried Pickles at Viola Pastry
Fried Pickles at Viola Pastry
Fried Pickles at Viola Pastry

Fried pickles have officially become a thing. Seems you can hardly turn around without this Southern-fried specialty showing up on appetizer menus. But BiteClub’s been generally underwhelmed by soggy, limp pickle chips smothered in too much cornmeal batter and fried within an inch of their lives. With ranch sauce from a tub. Whine no more. Viola Pastry Boutique and Cafe (709 Village Court, Montgomery Village, Santa Rosa) takes housemade bread and butter pickles with a hint of sweetness, fries ’em up in a light batter, then serves them with a side of zingy buttermilk sauce. You’re gonna fall in love with this, uh, dillicious side.

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