5 Creative Ways To Display Your Collection and Avoid Clutter

If you’re a collector, you may notice that they sometimes override your living room. Here’s how to make your collection part of your home's interior.

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Collecting items for your home can be a fun hobby. But we all know how quickly – and unexpectedly – that once charming collection of scented candles can turn into a dust gathering annoyance. 

If you’re starting to feel as if you might qualify as a contender on the next season of “Hoarders,” here are five creative ways to turn your cluttered collection into a conversation starter: 

Rotate Pieces

Sroka Design

If you have an extensive collection of one item, like these blue and white porcelain vases, you can keep the presentation fresh by choosing to exhibit only a certain number at any given time. Much the way that museums change exhibitions every few months. By rotating the featured items you’re showing, you give your interior a facelift every few weeks and gain more appreciation for the items you own. (Image via Sroka Design)

Table Display

Creating a tabletop arrangement with a smaller collection can create an easily changed array of items that will be simple to update as you tire of it.

Group Items Together


If your collection is comprised of many small items, such as these buttons, using decorative glass containers to store and show them creates a delightful display that works well on a window ledge or small shelf. (Image via Houzz)

Bob Vila

Even if your collection won’t fit in a glass jar, finding different ways to put items together can end up being more exciting than sticking with the expected. (Image via Bob Vila)

Put it Up High

A Beautiful Time

There are some collections that may need to be kept out of reach of tiny hands, or that simply take up too much space to be shown comfortably in living areas. These globes do well being shown on high-set shelves. They are still able to be appreciated, but stay safely out of reach. (Image via A Beautiful Time)

Deviant Art

Toy collectors may especially appreciate high shelves because the first thing many people want to do when they see toys is begin playing with them. The height of the shelf sends a clear message to visitors that these are collectibles, no matter their original use. (Image via Deviant Art)

Proudly Display It

Home Edit

If you have a collection of things that people may not be aware of, showimg it prominently is sure to make a statement. (Image via Home Edit)

Home Edit 2

Antique clocks and timepieces work well on a brick wall backdrop. (Image via Home Edit)



If you have collections that may have been handed down (think your children’s toy cars or Pokemon cards…) instead of tossing them, repurpose them into an eye-catching piece of art. (Image via Etsy)

The Painted Room

This collection of antique suitcases is currently being used for linen storage. This allows the homeowner to store sheets and towels that aren’t often used, while showing off their collection at the same time. (Image via The Painted Room)