Fair Food Scramble: Join the BiteClub Crew

UPDATE: Winners have been notified. If you’re not on the list, don’t despair. Hopefully I’ll get to you next time. Thanks for playing!
On Wednesday, July 29, I’ll invite FIVE BiteClubbers to go on a Fair Food Scramble with me. You could be among them. Oh, joy.

fairfood2.jpgThe gameplan: If chosen, you’ll spend two hours at the Sonoma County Fair on Wednesday afternoon eating your little heart out with me and four of your new best friends. I’ll provide one entry ticket each for the crew, then we’ll scramble for all the Fair Food we can muster, converge at a picnic table and share the bounty. We’ll take pictures, blog and generally have fun. Once we’re done, you’re free to enjoy the rest of the evening at the fairgrounds…or go home. Whatev.

Wanna be on the crew?

Answer these five questions in a manner you think I’ll appreciate. Impress me. Make me laugh. But most importantly, prove that you’re Fair Food Crew material and a serious BiteClubber. Chefs welcome.

1. What is your favorite Fair Food?

2. How much do you resemble your favorite fair food?

3. What is your favorite BiteClub blog entry?

4. Why would I, and five other BiteClubbers want to hang out with you for two hours?

5. What is your favorite restaurant in Sonoma County?

Email your very clever answers to me and make sure to include your EMAIL and PHONE contact info. Winners will be notified by email by 5pm Tuesday the 28th with the details and must respond by email by 11am Wednesday, the 29th. No whiners. No changies. No dramarama.

You gotta get yourself there and pay for your own parking. Don’t enter if you can’t leave work for a couple of hours on Wednesday during the afternoon or leave your kids with someone else while we’re eating. Wear tennis shoes. Seriously. This is work, people.

Please don’t make me get all lawyer-y on this either. I’m doing this for fun and entertainment only. If you don’t get picked this time, maybe next time. If you can’t take it in that spirit, move on. Really.

THE FAME: We’ll Tweet/post while we’re at the fairgrounds and name some winners/losers in Thursday’s BiteClub blog. (Hint, if you Tweet/Blog, extra points).  I’ll take pictures and give shout-outs to the whole crew. I’ll also be discussing on KZST on Thursday morning at 7:40am. Yay!

ADD YOUR .02: Can’t come? Add your fave foods on the bulletin boards.