Downtown Santa Rosa Brewpub First 2019 Closure

2 Tread Brewing bites the dust 17 months after opening

Downtown Santa Rosa’s 2 Tread Brewing has served its last beer according to co-owner Bill Drury. The restaurant is shuttered as of Jan. 9.

“Thank you to all that supported us over the last year. We had wedding parties, a number of 21st birthday parties, retirement parties, even a marriage proposal. We’ll miss you all,” said Drury.

It hasn’t been an easy road for the 6,000 square foot brewpub, which opened just three weeks before fires ravaged Sonoma County in 2017.

Adding to the rocky start was an already saturated brewpub scene in downtown Santa Rosa (six at the time), extensive construction delays, and most notably the brewpub had to open without, well, any of its own brew.

It took more than two months for the spot to be able to pour their own much-anticipated amber ales and IPAs, and by then folks were more concerned with rebuilding than celebrating.

The patio at 2 Tread Brewing Company opens a craft brew and pub with a large patio where you can ride up on your bike for a pint. Heather Irwin/PD
The patio at 2 Tread Brewing Company opens a craft brew and pub with a large patio where you can ride up on your bike for a pint. Heather Irwin/PD

Despite all that, the food was solid as was the massive patio — which always left me wondering why the spot seemed so quiet even on warm summer days.

Drury maintains that the fires were the main cause of the closure and that they were never able to recover afterward.  They’re hardly alone. Many restaurants in the region have seen revenue dips of between 20 and 35 percent since the fires, especially in areas where homes were lost. Though December is typically a boon, slow winter months can be a death knell for struggling businesses.

In addition, skilled restaurant workers which were hard to come by before the fires have become almost impossible to find due to housing shortages and the high cost of living.

It’s going to be a rough winter, so buckle up folks. Or better yet, hit up a restaurant or two this week.

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28 thoughts on “Downtown Santa Rosa Brewpub First 2019 Closure

  1. Wasn’t exactly the best located, while I love the patio that much space downtown had to cost a pretty penny, and the food quality ranged quite a bit from pretty good but nothing special even compared to just what else is in area to meh while having just as high or higher prices as others nearby

  2. I hardly ever go downtown anymore. The parking is horrendous and the transients hanging in the storefronts and on the sidewalk are just disgusting. The new plaza with the traffic re-route was the stupidest idea. I doubt the business closure had anything to do with the fire.

  3. Nobody goes to malls anymore. I would loved to have gone and tried this place. I hear the owner is a good dude. I just ain’t going to a mall for a beer. If I’m already at the mall, then great. Problem is, I’m never at the mall.

  4. I live in a small town in Oregon just moved here from Santa Rosa 8 months ago glad I did, cost of living cheaper and no bums.people are a lot friendlier . Santa Rosa is my hometown but have see it go downhill for years got tired of the BS.

    1. How are the taxes? Oregon is pretty lefty like CA and there is no Prop 13. Still, it is such a beautiful state and we have thought about moving there as well.

  5. Let’s see…no parking, homeless pos, or I can go to healdsburg and enjoy myself….can’t figure why it’s closing

  6. We have a situation in Santa Rosa that is a sure thing killer for a business. Meter maids that ambush like the NVA, Cops that arrest you for drinking too much but do nothing about hobos sitting on their a$$es all over downtown and crazy people all over town. Look at the Old Arrigonie’s market place. That place has had a wood fired pizza place and a pallela shop, and you can fire a cannon through the door and not hit anybody. Why go downtown to eat when you will likely have a $30 ticket on your car when you leave, get accosted by some smelly wacko who probably broke into your car while you were eating or get a DUI on the way home?

  7. Comfort Wine Tours seen a huge drop in sales as well. It is now catching up to pre-fire sales. It has been a serious battle for tourism in Sonoma County. All the rooms lost, Hilton fountain grove even places that did not burn filled up with displaced people. for up to a year.where were the tourist going to stay.? Nowhere Comfort Transportation lost 90 percent the first month. sales slowly risen since then but you have to be able to finance the lose and really work hard 7 days a week 12 hours a day to stay afloat. We are one of the lucky businesses but it will take a long time to fully recover the losses

  8. Does anyone know what happened to Del Valle restaurant on Stony Point & Sebastopol Rd.? It looks like it disappeared overnight.
    That actually may have been the first restaurant closure of the year.

  9. The food was Awful and the menu lacking. I went one time with my family who live downtown Santa Rosa and are always looking for good spots to eat this was not one of them. We joked that the place would be gone sooner then later I guess we were correct.

  10. Sounds like a poor business plan from the get go. The “if you build it, they will come” business plan isn’t really a business plan.

    1. Being in the Santa Rosa Plaza wasn’t the best move. It wasn’t that easy to get to. Plus, when your rent is based on square footage, they had way too much space. And making your own beer is crucial for that beer afficianado crowd.

      1. It is a little short sighted to open a brew pub without your signature beer. And then to blame the fires when you still didn’t have it 5 weeks after the fire. I think any future investors might be wary.

    1. I agree with you on that. I went there once didn’t like the long walk or the fee to park. Also my sister and her friends went there one night but wouldn’t go back since they didn’t feel safe walking back to the lot at night. now we stick with sebatopol or cotati/ rp

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