Cyrus goes out with a $15,000 truffle

The sweet smell of Cyrus' last suppers

What does a $15,000 Umbrian white truffle look like? Well, looks aren’t everything.

The key is so you can get an idea of the size of this bad boy.

The brain-sized fungus that’s been purchased for a closing-week dinner at Cyrus Restaurant isn’t the most photogenic thing you’ve ever seen. It’s sort of lumpy and dusty, and weighs roughly the same as three baseballs.

But this gnarled gnome of a tuber is worth roughly the cost of a brand new Ford Fiesta. Not to mention a whole lot tastier.

Grown primarily in Italy, the scent — that earthy, seductive, musky odor of a truffle — envelopes you. In fact, the scent envelopes the room. Purchased wholesale for about $5,600, the truffle is the guest celebrity on a special menu being served at the Michelin-starred Healdsburg restaurant during its final week of operation, says chef-owner Douglas Keane. Portioned-out in shaves and slices, the truffle will ultimately end up selling for between $10-15,000.

“It’s pretty rare. They do get much bigger, but this is probably the biggest one I’ve ever worked with,” said Keane.

It’s a delicious farewell for the Healdsburg restaurant, which has been sold-out for months after announced that it would close for good at the end of October. A drawn-out conflict with the building’s landlord resulted in the decision to shutter. Keane and business partner Nick Peyton have not announced future plans, but remain involved with Healdsburg Bar and Grill, also in Healdsburg.

Chef Paul is looking a bit giddy. Don’t drop it, man!