Cricket Burger

Mmmm. Crickets on your burger?

The burger voted most likely to look like a Health Code Violation (but isn’t)….The Country Cricket Burger at Brody’s Burgers and Brews.
Part of the “Adventure Series”, the burger features all the usual suspects plus a healthy sprinkling of Bacon Cheddar Crickettes.

Not surprisingly, it hasn’t been a huge seller (BiteClub was only the second to ever request it), but packs a surprisingly tasty crunch. Just watch for the wings getting stuck in your teeth.

Pair with a $1 pint of beer to wash down those thoraxes.

Brody’s Burgers and Brews, 3135 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403-2118
(707) 526-4878

UPDATE: Check out this picture of a BiteClubber eating the Cricket Burger! Send me your pics at