Cookie Contest is ON!

Last chance to get your cookie recipes in!

cookiead_smIt’s that time of year again: The Holiday Cookie Contest!

And that means that BiteClub is seeking out the BEST cookie recipes in Sonoma County.

The rules are simple. Submit an original recipe (meaning, don’t steal it out of a cookbook) for what you think is the best holiday cookie ever. And by holiday cookie, we mean pretty much any cookie.

I also want to hear about why the cookie is special to you or your family. This part matters, because a great family recipe is worth its weight in gold, and comes with a whole lot of happy memories. (See the results from previous years here).

You can leave your recipe in the comments below…

OR You can mail your recipe to

OR You can mail me a recipe:
BiteClub Cookie Contest
427 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa 95401


We’ll be hosting a cookie Bake-A-Thon at G&G Market’s Ginger Grill in mid-November with our favorite 30 recipes submitted. A panel of esteemed judges will pick a winner, and award something grand. (More details to follow)…

Good Luck!





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One thought on “Cookie Contest is ON!

  1. Molasses Sugar Cookies

    1 1/2 cups shortening
    2 cups sugar
    1/2 cup molasses
    2 eggs
    4 t baking soda
    4 cups flour
    1 t cloves
    1t ginger
    2 t cinnamon
    1 t salt

    Combine shortening (don’t melt) and sugar. Add molasses and eggs and beat well. Sift all dry ingredients together and combine with sugar mixture. Roll dough into balls and then roll in sugar. Place on cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for about 10 min. It’s important not to over bake as they do harden up as they cool. They should be lightly brown and raised up in the center, but will drop down in the middle after removing and cooling.

    This recipe was my Grandma Feddersen’s recipe and she always made them during the holidays. As a child growing up, my mom always made these for the holiday goodie plates that we passed out to friends, family, and neighbors. And I’ve continued the tradition as well and these are a necessity on the goodies plates and one of the cookies that people always rave about. They really are amazing…you can’t just eat one! And on a side note, they keep great as well. I am a cookie snob and will only eat freshly baked cookies, except for these as they still taste awesome on the 4th or 5th day if there’s any that last that long.

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