Chicken Butchering

July 29

Making a Chicken Last: Butchering Techniques with Marissa Guggiana
Ramekins Culinary School, 40 West Spain St., Sonoma
Sunday, July 29th, 2012
11:00am-2:00pm, $80

Butchery was nearly a dead art, until a recent renaissance turned progressive meat cutters into culinary cult idols. Inspired by a locally driven, nose-to-tail approach to butchery, this new wave of meat mania is redefining the way we buy and cook our meat. The momentum of this wave has created a frenzy, pulling a new generation of home cooks straight into the kitchen. At the fore- front of this new trend is Marissa Guggiana who not only authored Primal Cuts, Cooking with America’s Best Butchers but who also co-founded The Butcher’s Guild, a fraternity of meat professionals dedicated to the art, craft and education of butchery. Please join Marissa and Ramekins as she tackles the chicken and makes it shine.

Hands On: Eight Easy Pieces (The Classic Fryer Chicken)

Demo: Breaking It Down: Three Ways To Butcher A Chicken : Brick Style, Half-Boneless and Chicken Galantine

*All items will be Served with Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables