Chef Shuffle: Village Inn

Monte Rio's Village Inn gets a new Exec Chef

Chris Ludwick named Exec Chef of Monte Rio's Village Inn
Chris Ludwick named Exec Chef of Monte Rio’s Village Inn

The Village Inn and Restaurant in Monte Rio has tapped Chef Chris Ludwick from Earth’s Bounty Kitchen and Wine Bar and Grapevine Catering as its executive chef. Owners Judy Harvey and Roger Hicks have been restoring the historic property over the last six months, and hope to upgrade their restaurant offerings with input from Ludwick. The popular catering chef will continue with his current ventures in addition to the new gig. The post was most recently held by Chef William Oliver.

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12 thoughts on “Chef Shuffle: Village Inn

  1. No offense to the new chef, who by all accounts has an impressive resume, the problem is the way people are treated by the new folks running the place. Dining out is only partly about the food. What used to be a place of community and warmth is now uninviting.

  2. Sorry to hear the chef left. We had our holiday party at the Village Inn last year and the evening was a huge hit thanks to Chef Oliver and his food. Best of luck to him.

  3. Actually, as we heard it, the back of the house walked out, some with no notice and before Chef Oliver’s notice date.
    Have been in since the new chef has taken over and the food is spectacular, so glad to have this upgrade of food without having to travel.
    It has become our go-to spot.

      1. We were going to enjoy one last meal of Chef Oliver’s before he departed, however the reservation had to be cancelled as he and the staff walked out before the stated date.
        It’s unfortunate, as his food was great, but we will NEVER support actions like leaving a business and guests out in the cold. In the service industry disrespecting guests is the worst thing that can be done.
        Their actions prove that talent and professionalism don’t always go hand-in-hand.

  4. I’ll sure miss Chef Oliver’s cuisine. It was outstanding. After he left there were no lights on in that place for months. People said the entire staff was let go. Such a loss to the community. After the way everyone was treated, I doubt I’ll every go back in that place.

  5. I had heard Chef Oliver left the Village Inn and notice the restaurant had closed. It will be hard to replace him. I can’t wait to hear where Chef Oliver lands and look forward to eating his food again.

  6. I was always such a fan of Chef Oliver’s! His unique take of food always made for a dining adventure. It is impossible to fathom anyone stepping into those shoes!

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