Cafe Azul closes

Cozy downtown coffeehouse shuttered

BiteClub heard late yesterday that the spacious Cafe Azul, which was a popular coffeehouse hangout for PD folks, as well as a convenient meeting place, has closed unexpectedly. The location in downtown featured art, live music and open mics, and always seemed to be humming with coffee drinkers. It’s never a happy thing to hear of closures, and I’m truly sorry to hear the news. Check out Chris Smith’s column.


2 thoughts on “Cafe Azul closes

  1. Ate dinner at Checkers on the last day of Restaurant Week, and saw them putting up the signs as I was walking by the back door. It was sad.

  2. I’m truly sorry to hear this news. Cafe Azul was exactly the kind of coffee house that I love: comfortable and welcoming. The friendly and efficient baristas served great coffee and excellent food. Santa Rosa is a little less urban and hip without that fabulous independently owned spot. They will be missed.

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