Blue Label Cafe

Santa Rosa crew planning new breakfast service

Photo from the restaurant

Blue Label at the Belvedere, the wildly popular new restaurant run by the former Humble Pie crew, is adding breakfast to their lineup.

Starting on March 28, they’ll open a morning cafe featuring both sit-down and takeaway items including poached eggs and cheese grits,  breakfast burritos, stuffed fresh toast, homemade muffins, bacon(!) cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, bagels and, wait for it…fresh donuts on Monday mornings. The start of your week just got a whole lot brighter.  Oh, and did we mention espresso and coffee? Yeah, that too. Stay tuned for more details later this month.

Oh, and did we mention they’re doing bar bites (Wednesday through Friday) downstairs too? Sweet.


7 thoughts on “Blue Label Cafe

  1. Been there twice for dinner, once in the restaurant and once in the bar. The food was really good both times and I’m not that easy to please. They’re smart for keeping the menu on the small side and doing what they do well, rather than trying to do more. And the fact that ithey’re a 5 minute walk from my house makes them rather irresistable.

  2. I just hired Cake Master Vanessa Pritchard for the morning kitchen…Because “people who want muffins for breakfast are just too foolish to admit that what they actually want is cake for breakfast” So BOOM SHAKALAKA

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