BBQ Spot Coming to Downtown Santa Rosa

Favorite BBQ comes closer to ma mouf

The BBQ Spot Santa Rosa
The BBQ Spot will move to Downtown Santa Rosa later this year


Lots of folks buzzing about the news that BBQ Spot, the hugely popular barbecue restaurant on Santa Rosa Ave., will be moving its operations to The Brickyard Center in downtown Santa Rosa.

The ‘cue joint will take up residence at the long-empty Mister Hof-Brau (which closed in 2012) by late fall.

Owners say they’ve outgrown their tiny—and we mean tiny—storefront they’ve occupied since 2011. Fans line up for their brisket and ribs, which some days sells out by late afternoon.

Want to get your fix before the move? Head to 3448 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa, 585-2616.

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8 thoughts on “BBQ Spot Coming to Downtown Santa Rosa

  1. I drove past their new location yesterday evening and the place was packed. Soft opening? Pre-opening friends & family?

    Can you get an update for us? Thanks!

  2. We are looking forward to the move to downtown Santa Rosa, but to just let you know we are still open for business at our current location: 3448 Santa Rosa Ave…come in and see us…

  3. Very excited! I’ve never had a chance to try this place. Whenever I remember to check it out, it’s closed. Having it closer to the center of town will be more convenient for me, and I suspect, many others. Is there an anticipated opening date?

  4. This is VERY good news!
    The Santa Rosa Avenue locale is actually closer to where I live, but the downtown location will have better parking.

    1. I’d say he outgrew his current digs about a week after he opened. Good food, good news! Glad he made it and I hope all goes well for him at the Brickyard.

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