Barlow Center Sebastopol ramps up for April 2013 opening

Sebastopol's Barlow Center, a marketplace for food, wine, beer and other local products now plans an April 2013 opening

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Current tenants at Sebastopol's Barlow Center, now slated for a spring 2013 opening.
Current tenants at Sebastopol’s Barlow Center, now slated for a spring 2013 opening.

 THE BARLOW: Estimated opening April 2013 (in Phases)

The Concept: An 222,000 square-foot artisan marketplace and production facility

The Pitch: “The Barlow will also incorporate a carefully chosen selection of restaurants to create a comfortable, fun atmosphere where the community can come together and enjoy, art, wine and time with one another.”

Cost: $23.5 million

The Developer: Barney Aldridge, real estate developer

Major Tenants: Kosta Browne, Taylor Maid, Community Market

The look: 17 modern metal buildings on 12.5 acres

Artchitects:  O’Malley Wilson Westphal


The Barlow, named after an old apple plant that once stood on the site, has been plugging away since announcing its intentions in 2010. After a number of delays (including a fire) construction is near completion and tenant improvement permitting began in earnest in October 2013. Most recently Noah and Mirjam Bolmer of Occidental’s Barley and Hops started tenant-improvements for their micro-brewery project, Warped Brewing along with Taylor Maid Farms, who are beginning interior construction on a coffee bar and roasting facility.

Other tenants who’ve announced their intention to be involved include Other food and wine tenants include Kosta Browne Winery, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Wine Gap Wines, Community Market, Spirit Works Distillery, Village Bakery,  MacPhail Family Wines, FEED Sonoma, La Follette Wines, Marimar Estates, Whole Spice and Gypsy Bay Laurel.

In late December, Sub Zero Ice Cream and antiquarian bookseller Ben Kinmont were also announced. Sub Zero is a Utah-based ice cream chain that uses liquid nitrogen to make “instant” ice cream flavors for customers. Ben Kinmont is the nation’s foremost antiquarian bookseller specializing in 15th to early 19th works on gastronomy and related topics. John Stewart and Duskie Estes of Zazu have also announced their intention to lease space at the Barlow which would include a space for production of their Black Pig Meat Company.

The Buzz: There’s been plenty of press about tenants who’ve planned to move in, then changed their minds. That’s not too surprising, since many paid nominal fees early on to “reserve” a spot. Most folks are curious to see whether the mix of production and retail will be a big enough draw to casual shoppers, but there’s a lot of excitement in Sebastopol about this massive project — BiteClub included.