Around the World in 50 Sonoma County Restaurants

From Polish to Korean, Italian to Mexican, Sonoma County restaurants represent a world of flavors.

Sonoma County has come a long way when it comes to global cuisine. Though Italian, Mexican and Chinese food have long been favorites—following national trends for these familiar cuisines—our tastes are broadening as new immigrants bring the flavors of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia to Wine Country. 

Here are some of our favorite ethnic dishes–literally going around the world in 50 restaurants–and where to find them. Obviously, we haven’t included every restaurant, instead picking those with especially delish pictures.

Got a favorite to add? Let us know in the comments.


11 thoughts on “Around the World in 50 Sonoma County Restaurants

  1. Plenty of Italy here, but nothing on Portugal. Cafe Lucia in Healdsburg has some of the best around. Shame on you !

  2. This is not “literally going around the world in 50 restaurants.” at all.
    Shallow research and merely a weak collection of “especially delish pictues”
    An 8 year old could’ve done a better job.

    1. Thanks for the kind feedback. Hope that others found this collection to be a fun time out to a busy day. I did start with about 7 pages of restaurants, but sadly, due to deadlines only had time to put up about 50 pix of some of my favorites. PS: Please feel free to buy a subscription to the Press Democrat so we can hire more 8-year-olds to help us!

    1. Again, if you have any free time to help me collect the pix for the 7 pages of restaurants I started out with, let me know! WOULD LOVE TO MAKE A BIGGER GALLERY! hugs.

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