A Russian River Vacation Home Gets a Glowing Makeover

The 1950s Forestville vacation home was renovated so that it could be used as a permanent residence.

A few carefully considered architectural changes and bright and elegant finishes can make a home feel more expansive and sophisticated in an instance. This is the case with a 1950s Forestville vacation home that was recently renovated by Sonoma-based design firm Studio Plow so that it could be used as a permanent residence. 

Studio Plow design principal Brit Epperson took inspiration from the sunlight filtering through the canopy of  the surrounding redwoods to create a home that is light and airy. She vaulted the home’s low ceilings and added strategically placed skylights to create an expanded space with light filling the combined living and dining area in different spots throughout the day. 

Epperson added built-in cabinets to the 1500-square-foot home for additional, unobtrusive storage options. By installing glass-paneled steel doors (by Pinky’s of LA), she connected the great room area with the deck, which has magnificent views of the redwoods.

The home’s look is enhanced by exquisite finishes — quartz and marble and a Christopher Boots brass and crystal chandelier — as well as decorative details, like a casually strewn floor-length linen tablecloth, naturally-dyed silk pillow cases in the bedroom, and a vintage chair in the great room. The result is a luxuriously casual dwelling with an “up in the trees” feeling that evokes a treehouse. Click through the above gallery for a peek inside. 

Interiors and architecture by Studio Plow, studioplow.com