A Prelude for Eric Lee

Chef Eric Lee takes the reigns of Sonoma State University and Prelude Restaurant

Eric Lee was a Next Food Network finalist and area winery chef now taking the reigns at Sonoma State.

Eric Lee was a Next Food Network finalist and area winery chef now taking the reigns at Sonoma State.
Eric Lee was a Next Food Network finalist and area winery chef now taking the reigns at Sonoma State.

Next Food Network Star finalist and longtime winery chef Eric Lee has been tapped as A Prelude for Eric Lee. The plum assignment of the job: Revamping Prelude Restaurant at the Green Music Center.

The in-house eatery for the tony entertainment venue hasn’t received rave reviews, but Lee says he’s eager to take on the challenge of upgrading the menu when he begins April 15. The restaurant is currently only open before and after events at the center.


11 thoughts on “A Prelude for Eric Lee

  1. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything about the fact Josef Keller has taken over as the FOH manager.

    1. He hasnt. FOH manager is full-time staff. Keller is consultant to the hospitality dept.

  2. Are SSU/The Green Music Center (including Sanford ‘Sandy’ Weill) required to pay for this sort of advertising? Or is this just the benefit of being part of the new group of investors that recently purchased the PD?

    The journalistic integrity of the this local paper has fallen greatly, and not gracefully, with this recent turnover and acquisition. Best of luck towards the future, and restoring the PD to its original roots.

    1. Actually Eric posted the info on his facebook page (he was one of my previous Fair Food scramblers). I asked him if i could post the info and let folks know. Eric is a great guy and a chef that’s really excited to make something of Prelude — which has been pretty lackluster since it opened. I was glad to announce his news.

      Honestly, it’s easy to point fingers and assign dubious motives. That’s been the mantra of many folks since we were purchased. It’s patently false and offensive to those of us who work so hard to do our jobs every day. I tend to find it is people who themselves have dubious motives who see it in others.

      My motives have been pretty transparent since the beginning of BiteClub: To write about chefs, restaurants, food and producers in Wine Country. I stand by that.

      1. “Honestly, it’s easy to point fingers and assign dubious motives… I tend to find it is people who themselves have dubious motives who see it in others.” Just because one sold out their journalistic integrity and freedoms does not mean others share you same ideals, Heather. I was simply approaching the situation from a Socratic mindset.

        Considering the recent actions and controversy around some of the new share-holders and investors of the PD, I do not consider this action inappropriate. I asked a question regarding the nature of the posting, and shared my own personal opinion regarding recent postings from the PD staff. I would hope that as a journalist/blogger you understand this voicing of basic freedoms, I am sorry to have offended you – but I was simply stating my opinion on recent actions.

          1. Ha-ha, all is well. I am sorry if this was initially considered an attack on ‘Bite Club’, it was just the nature of the article and others postings recently relevant to the The Green Music Center. My tone came off rather abrupt (draw backs of internet interactions), and for that I apologize.

            A friendly tip, maybe share next time that Eric had posted this on Facebook page and was part of previous articles – sometimes the mind is forgetful. 🙂

        1. What a whiner you are,Ryan. People do their jobs(thank you), unlike slackers with too much time on their hands.

          1. I usually refraining from ‘feeding the trolls’, but Larry… your 4 days late. If you read any of the discussion above, you would’ve seen a civil conversation regarding current journalistic practices being used at the PressDemocrat – as well as an apology if offense was taken.

      2. Totally agree, Heather. And this is a legitimate local news/food item. I’m sure that many who watched Next Food Network Star, and know that Lee had quit his winery chef job to be in he competition, have been curious as to what happened to him after the program. His cooking always looked good. Glad that he landed on his feet, and a good reason to try Prelude the next time my wife and I attend a Green Music Center event.

    2. Stop whining. If you don’t like it – don’t click the link.

      I’m excited to try his food! It’s a very pretty space and I look forward to having a meal there before or after a show- especially with warmer weather coming!

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