$16 Community Dinners

Best kept secret in West County this Fri/Sat

It’s the best kept secret in West County. Sam’s Holey Cow, a small cafe usually open for hearty breakfasts (the Contractor omelette is a fave) and lunches (do NOT miss the onion rings) Thursday through Sunday is offering affordable, chef-worthy community dinners on Friday and Saturday nights from 5:30 to 9pm.

Previous menus have included Pork tenderloin with squash curry and salad with chervil-infused olive oil vinaigrette; Tenderloin Medallions with Tequila shallot caper reduction; Homemade Flour tortilla chips in layers of cheese and chili sauce with fried sweet bread; Italian sausage meat balls over penne and  BLT Pizzas with Italian soup and orange pound cake for $16 per person.

20391 Highway 116, Monte Rio, 4949433 or on Facebook at Sam’s Holey Cow Diner (for details).

This weekend:

Friday January 27th

Handmade lasagna with layers of fresh local beef and Italian sausage, with mozzarella and ricotta and provolone cheeses with caramelized onions and mushrooms and our garden herb marinara, served with a sautéed vegetable medley, our salad tonight is a baby leek and caper cream vinaigrette over butter lettuce with roasted sunflower seeds, dessert is fresh baked lemon bars from a dear friends loaded lemon tree

Saturday January 28th

Fresh rock Cod lemon and thyme cream sauce and roasted carrot with a dill and mustard drizzle, a potato fennel soup, and chocolate mousse in a gram cracker cup.