Your favorite fresh tortillas?

Where do you get great fresh tortillas in Sonoma County (and beyond?). BiteClub’s on the hunt for soft, pillowy flour tortillas and great corn tortillas. Tell me your faves!!


18 thoughts on “Your favorite fresh tortillas?

  1. sorry, but anything made in mass just tastes too much like processed food (i.e. La Tortilla Factory)
    For convenience I buy “Truly Handmade Tortillas” from Trader Joes. They don’t last long (’cause they’re fresh and no preservatives) but they get eaten up in my household pretty quickly!!

  2. The restaurant in Old Town San Diego (you’d think I’d remember the name – great mariachis too – hole in the wall authenticity with all the accoutrements). I always order out 12 flour tortillas to bring home after a visit -light, nice and lardy (if light and lardy can go together!) and not dough-y.
    I think lard in my beans, too, I just don’t eat them often! Hey, Heather ow about a best beans contest? I always judge by tortillas and beans, not necessrirly in that order.

  3. I love Chevy’s fresh flour tortillas. I watched the machine do it’s magic as a child. I crave those tortillas as an adult. (Apologies for choosing a chain over a local merchant)

  4. Los Hermanos, on Burt street in Santa Rosa. I have to admit convenience is a factor, but they’re also really good! Unfortunately, Martha only makes them on the weekends.

    1. I haven’t been to Los Hermanos in a few months, but I used to order the handmade Tortillas all the time, even during the week, and they’d make them for me.

  5. Definitely Mi Puebla on Bellum in San Rafael- not only a tortillaria- a bakery, a Roastery take out, a deli, a Mexican Restaurant , and a huge Mexican Super Mercado. It is the best!

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