Wild Foxx?

Wild Foxx opening

foxy.jpgSeveral folks have been asking me about the new restaurant moving into the former Baker’s Square space (1350 Farmers
, called Wild Foxx.

And here’s where it gets interesting. Like many of you, I assumed it was an outpost of the popular Novato grill, Wild Fox. Folks in Novato, however, say it isn’t related to their restaurant despite the similarity of names and logos. Maybe a bit too much similarity.

Apparently there’s some discussion going on between the two parties to help clarify the situation. Stay tuned for more details.

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14 thoughts on “Wild Foxx?

  1. what a good dinner that i had there last night.i will go back again the restaurant was so clean,you can tell ,the bathroom looked clean,service was very good everyone was willing to help,the server was checking on us during our meal,good job

  2. i asked the owner of this restaurant is not the same as adel`.may be one of the manager used to work there. i was there last night .by the way they have the best breakfast,lunch,dinner specials i was very happy with the quality , service and prices. i will keep going there. i think they deserve credit for the way they cleaned up that location,also i notice there was a lot mixed ages . i was vary happy every time i go there

  3. i think all of the above comments unreal .i think the owner of the Novato location should of done his home work and reg. his location at the state. i think it is great thing this restaurant will be open they will hire people in the area they will be paying taxes and the truth no one will get mixed up you that is the truth and i do not know why everyone so negative about it

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  5. There is no relationship between Wild Fox and Wild Foxx. It is run by the family of ADELS, I was told. Food was similar to Baker’s Square. Seems to cater to an older crowd.

  6. I do not think this SR joint will be able to keep the name. Wold Fox in Novato is relatively well known and I assume this new place will be something similar to Bakers Square type food, so there would be a negative impact. Expect a new name before the place opens… IF it even opens..

  7. John, I guess I disagree. Novato may be a different city, but it is close enough that the reputation of the Wild Fox Restaurant there could be negatively impacted by problems with a Santa Rosa restaurant with such a similar name. (Not that I necessarily anticipate problems with this new restaurant.)


  9. How confusing. The new owner of that location obviously didn’t do his homework. Hopefully Wild Foxx in Novato will be able to keep him from using this name!

  10. If I were the Novato restaurant, I would be sending a “cease and desist” letter because of the confusion over the name.
    And since you have Coco’s practically next door, why would someone open another basic restaurant in that loser location?

  11. It is a going to be a Strip Joint (really a brothel)……there will also be lap dances, massage and happy endings on offer.

  12. Well, for what it’s worth, I LOVE the Wild Fox in Novato. It’s so good! And, it’s featured in the Savings Card book so your first time there you can buy-one-get-one-free. I may be a little overly enthusiastic about my Savings Card (used to be Sonoma Express) but I LOVE it.

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