‘Wich Hunt in Photos

Winners of the Best Sandwich in Sonoma County

IMG_9103_2The best thing since sliced bread? Winning the second annual Battle of the Brews ‘Wich Hunt, of course. Judged to be the best of breed at last week’s cheflebrity-studded event: John Ash & Co’s “What the Duck”, a duck meatball slider with caramelized onions made especially for the competition. In second place (again) was Awful Falafel, a local food truck and catering biz who wowed voters with fried chicken and bacon nestled between two waffles. Healdsburg Bar and Grill took a solid third with a coffee-infused pork slider with fried onions.

For the Peoples Choice: The Farmers’ Wife with a homemade chorizo, cheddar and egg sandwich took first, La Rosa Tequileria got a commendable second with their Sloppy Jose (a crowd fave) and John Ash & Co won third.

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4 thoughts on “‘Wich Hunt in Photos

  1. I agree, the Brew awards were announced the very next day in the Sunday PD,finally a little press for our efforts. Honestly, I thought there might be a little meatier shout out around the upset WIN, the little ol’ Farmer’s Wife, that all the chefs were looking to take out because of her “Best in Show 2012” win last year… proved it wasn’t a ‘one off’…and WON AGAIN! Packing stainless steel and adorned in fancy coats, the chefs couldnt do it! The People Spoke, #1Sandwich, The Farmer’s Wife! Pastured Magruder Ranch meat and certified organic eggs and both organic sourdough and Grindstone Balery Gluten Free bread, sparing nothing, nor any expense, it’s how i roll! The sandwich was actually, Harley Richter Pork Chorizo, Tully Dolci Farm Egg, Avocado & Tres Quesos. Find me, the Farmer’s Wife, my two award winning sandos plus a dozen others at the Sonoma plaza evening farm market, the Sonoma Friday morning farm market and by popular demand, the NEW Railroad Square Santa Rosa farm market on Sundays, come the end of May(plus four other farm markets in Marin) Sorry… To bitch and brag but when your an outsider, you gotta be your own advocate.

  2. So happy to hear you FINALLY announce the winners! Best duck slider I’ve ever had, kudos to John Ash, keep it up! Love the funny name too! My second of (hopefully) many ‘wich hunts!

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