What are your favorite Fourth of July Foods?

What are you favorite Fourth of July foods, and where do you get them? I’ll be putting together a guide to where to go/where to get foods for the fourth — and want your input!


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  1. Did this article ever go up? I didn’t see it. Or were you putting together this list for next year? I don’t get it.

  2. Red, White and BOOM! at Sonoma County Fairgrounds on July 4th at 4:00 will not only feature some of Sonoma County’s Favorite foods (Mary’s, Johnny Garlic’s, Willie Birds, Funnel Cakes, Hot Dogs, BBQ and much more!), but we will have some of Sonoma County’s favorite music! Featuring High Speed Wobble, Pat Jordan Band, and Wonderbread 5!!
    $5 to park and $5 at the gate for adults. KIDS ARE FREE!!
    Presented by Santa Rosa Police Officers’ Association, Santa Rosa Firefighters’ Local 1401, and Santa Rosa Active 20-30 Club #50.
    Proceeds benefit underprivileged Sonoma County kids!!!

  3. Perhaps not the tomato you grew yourself but field grown vine ripened tomatoes -cascades, early girls and heirlooms such as brandwines are available at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market –which just happens to be open on the 4th. Also the Sonoma Meat Club now sells at the Saturday Santa Rosa Farmers Market, so if you are looking for something good to grill including chickens from Nancy Prebilich of Gleason Ranch the market is the place

  4. At Bicycle Santa Rosa last year (at Juliard Park on the 4th) Community Market served up these amazing veggie hotdogs. They weren’t really hot dogs, they were more like veggie sausages, but they served them in hot dog buns with all the fixin’s. They were so good. I hope they are there this year!

  5. It’s burgers & fries here at DaVero. But not just any fries: hand-cut shoestrings twice-fried with garlic cloves and rosemary. Burgers a combo of beef and sausage from our own pig. Smothered onions on the burgers, avocado, Red Hawk, rucola. Just wish we’d signed the Declaration of Independence on August 4th so we could have fresh tomatoes!

  6. Red, white and Blue salad… Strawberries, blueberries, coconut and whipped cream… mmmmm

  7. This is the one time of year I have a hot dog– and I usually make it a Niman Ranch Fearless Frank (buy them at Trader Joe’s or G&G) and grill it up. Yum!

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