West County Grill closed

BiteClub’s been hearing news of West County Grill’s demise for a few weeks now (a few employees have been buzzing around saying the restaurant was about to be shuttered), but I’ve gotten final confirmation that the restaurant is, in fact, kaput.

It’s been a hard road for what many of us hoped would be a sort of Chez Panisse of Sonoma — based on its celeb chef, Jonathan Waxman. That never panned out and the criticism soon started rolling in: Inattentive staff, less than stellar food, Waxman’s disappearance and worst of all, pissing off a lot of locals.

BiteClub’s never glad to see a restaurant go, especially one with potential. We hope that someone else can take over the space. Farewell West County Grill.

Check out my original review, and the recent “What’s Up?” piece about Waxman going MIA.