Truffle Pigs

Snuggled against the base of a sheer limestone mountain, the town of Field, British Columbia is just about the quaintest place on earth. The hamlet of 200 is little more than a way-station for summer vacationers who have the inside track on the popular eight-table bistro, The Truffle Pigs, who serve happily sweating diners beef bourguignon in 95 degree weather.

We’ve traveled off our Calgary-bound route along Canada’s Highway One to get here. A bit cramped, with knickknacks and souvenirs hanging from the ceiling and a small general store attached to the back, the restaurant is nothing much, really to look at. There are prime Alberta steaks on the barbecue, mussels with white wine sauce bubbling on the small stove, and their famous bourguignon–beef, carrots and potatoes simmered in red wine and all other sorts of goodness.

It’s unseasonably muggy here in the Rockies. Despite snow-capped mountains, the valley feels like a Lousiana swamp, with twice the number of mosquitoes. But there’s no way I’m passing up the opportunity for the Pigs’ stew. And when it arrives, this steaming and hearty winter fare it’s all we can do to not to cram it into our mouths in under 60 seconds flat. Hey, we’ve been eating campground hot dogs for three days. Melt-in-your mouth meat, potatoes and plenty of sauce to be sopped by a crusty slice of bread. Tres French.

The Truffle Pigs is run by a young Toronto couple who made their escape from urban life in 2001, the vibe is ultra-relaxed, with summer afternoon chat and “Where you folks from, eh?” After a cold glass of beer and a bit of rum as we wait for dinner, we’re all feeling pretty relaxed.

Then my mom drops the bomb that the entire town was squashed like a bug when half the mountain fell on it a hundred years or so ago. Maybe I’ll take my dessert to go.

Truffle Pigs Bistro, Field, British Columbia.

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