Trattoria Due Amici | Cotati

Hidden Italian eatery in Cotati

Margharita pizza at Trattoria Due Amici

Meaning “two friends”, this simple Italian eatery is a surprisingly tasty find in Cotati. Run by, you guessed it, two friends (Gary Tarantino and Hector Quiroga who worked together in the restaurant biz in SF), the menu isn’t overly fussy, but focuses on the classics. Best bets include their “00” flour pizzas with San Marzano tomatoes, house made rosemary foccacia and linguine with pesto cream. Check out Italian salumi antipasti and homemade tiramisu as well.
8492 Gravenstein Hwy., Cotati, 792-2665.


20 thoughts on “Trattoria Due Amici | Cotati

  1. Where did they go?? We went for dinner there last week and found that they had closed in October! SO sad! We loved this place. Any word on if they’re opening another restaurant somewhere else?

    1. If you find out let me know too! I’m dying to find where they went. Maybe another restaurant? I would follow them there. 😉 So sad to hear about the closing.

  2. Took a really good friend there for lunch the other day and the food and the service was outstanding. I had the risotto with shrimp and she had the special of the day which was a beautiful chicken dish.
    They are listening to the comments about the decor and it is improving.
    I have had their pizza and I loved it however I would never call this wonderful spot a pizza joint.

  3. We went to this eatery based on the comments above. I too found it cold and needing some ambiance. Maybe tablecloths,flowers, or tables in the center so it doesn’t look so stark.
    We both enjoyed our food. I had the airplane chicken w/rosemary potatoes. The presentation and flavors
    were very good. My husbands pasta was fresh and creamy. The service was good. I also asked about tea and they didn’t have any. Their coffee was very good though with the tiramisu. I want to go back and try another pasta but I won’t pay $3.00 for the bread. I feel bread should be complimentary and included as it is in most restaurants in Sonoma county.

  4. Food is delicious…have gone 3 times…just little things that would be nice such as fresh ground pepper, hot tea, and perhaps fresh grated parmesan cheese…it would be nice to get french bread, though the foccacia was delicious!

  5. I travel on business frequently from Northern to Southern Italy. I always enjoy eating at local family owned Trattoria’s for authentic Italian food.
    I heard good reports of the newly opened Trattoria Due Amici. What a great find! I can honestly say I am so glad I went. The food is meticulously prepared with homemade and fresh ingredients. This little Tratorria is pleasant and inviting, with the sound of Italian music playing in the background is a nice touch.
    I had the Minestra soup that was the best I have ever tasted in my life. The creamy Arborio Risotto with prawns and asparagas melted in my mouth.
    The two owners were very welcoming and passonate about the dishes they prepare.
    I can’t wait to return and try other dishes on the menu.

  6. it is better to naturally make great food and have to solve the ambiance one way or another than to naturally have to solve making food but have “great” ambiance. ain’t ambiance what take you to hospitty apres boo-boos?

  7. We loved it! The owners/ chefs are just wonderful! and the cooking is all made from scratch! Long slow simmering of sauces and great care taken. We felt like royalty the way we were were treated and welcomed.
    It would be nice to add some ambiance , it greatly needs some flowers, candles and warm feeling added. But the food and friendly welcome is well worth it! Go and try it!
    We had the special that night, lamb ragoo that was first marinated for 4 days then roasted for 7 hours and combined in a wonderful, mellow sauce over hand made pappardelle noodles! very delicious! and the homemade tiramisu was fabulous! Enjoy some wine and sit back and relax!

  8. Went to this place with the gentleman and absolutely loved everything we had. It was so amazing that I actually did a Yelp review! The text of such follows…
    “On a whim decided to try this place out. They’ve been open three weeks and I very much hope that they last for decades!
    We started with the Salami Plate. The bread was perfect seasoned, with the right amount of olive oil. All the meat slices were fantastic.
    For our main course we split the Bianci Pizza and Ravioli. The pizza was great, I loved the edge the olives provided. The ravioli was the best thing about our meal. The mushroom and brown butter filling was to die for! So good!
    We finished off with tiramisu that was full of flavor, in all the right ways, and was perfectly dense.
    Had great food and service here. We’ll be back!”
    Definitely not another pizza place!

    1. I think the thing that really endeared me were the owners. A girlfriend and I ate there unannounced and both Gary and Hector were just the sweetest, most charming guys — explaining ingredients and taking obvious pride in their food.
      And while I’m not a fan of trying to lure away customers (that’s a bummer if it happened), I think that if they keep turning out good food and being sweet to customers, they’ll quickly build a fan base.
      Just a thought, though…the layout is a bit quirky. It feels more like a deli than a restaurant. The ambiance could use a little softening.

      1. I agree about the layout, but I’m sure they will fine tune things as time goes on. They’ve not even been open two months at this point.
        I don’t know if the owners were there when I was, but the gal who provided the service was awesome. She was really passionate about everything, really fun with conversation and very helpful with ingredient info.
        I’m on a kick where I try to go to a new restaurant everything I go out, but I really want to go back and try some other dishes! I was very pleased with the delicious simplicity they have going on there.

  9. I went last night,and its definately not a “pizza joint”.why don’t you go,THEN review? Or are you too lazy to get off your computers? I had one of their Sandwiches,sooo delicious.And they serve foccacia bread.mmmmm mmm.Great place,I WILL be back

  10. Im glad this place got reviewed by press democrat. I tried it a week ago with my Dad, we are in love with this place and WILL be going back!!! Yummmmmyyyyyyy!! 🙂

  11. I highly disagree with the last two.comments. I went and tried the place and thought the food was incredible. Its not “another pizza joint”. The owners offer a variety of italian dishes that actually taste authentic, rather than olive garden. Plus id rather eat flavorful pizza made with fresh ingredients then a place like dominoes.
    People with negative reviews obviously have not tried the place! I will deff be going back to try more items on the menu! The food it great and afforable!

  12. Saw the owner trying to shiest customers desperately from the nearby Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. Actively pulling people away from other businesses? Uh, I get that they just opened but any restaurant that harasses me to go in sounds…. questionable.
    From seeing that alone I’m pretty sure I won’t ever make it in their door.
    And seriously, Cotati does not need another pizza place.

    1. Have you been to Italy or even North Beach in SF? That’s what they do! They stand in the door announcing their specials and try to “sell” you on coming in and trying them out…Stop being such a sour puss =P

  13. Yawn. Just what Cotati needs, *another* pizza joint. Especially since Nicolino’s is yielding to Brixx Pizza. That was an upgrade — NOT.
    What Cotati should *really* do is put a stylish little bed’n’breakfast or some similar snazzy, cute, but *small* inn right there at the 116/101 intersection, in that vacant lot on the SW corner that’s been sitting unused for years. That could be the cornerstone for a bustling, enjoyable area. Too bad Red Cotati doesn’t have the gumption…
    Oh wait, I know — how about **another** pizza joint!!

    1. That SW corner was purchased by the owners of Oliver’s. Having Peet’s going in at the old foster’s freeze with patio and Oliver’s moving across the street would be a dream along with nice pedestrian walkways from the 101 widening.
      Don’t call it a pizza place, it is definitely not. My wife were pretty turned off by the terrible decor and smell of cleaning supplies when we ate. These guys need help in this department. The menu is a little too, no frills. The food is authentic Italian and our server was nice. Will give it another shot after a so-so experience.

    2. This is for sure not another pizza joint! Although Cotati does not have any real good ones as far as I’m concerned. I had the risotto with asparagas and it was to die for, my husband had the New York steak that was cooked to perfection. We also split a bowl of homemade soup, that was also wonderful, I truly love the authintic flavors. This is definetly high on my list to return. As for trying to wo customers that is whats done in other parts, but I think they will heed warnings about doing that in Cotati:) Please I hipe everyone gives it a try, you will love it!!!

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