Three Cooks to become Wishbone

Humble Pie, Blue Label owners land in Petaluma

Three Cooks Cafe reopening as Wishbone
Three Cooks Cafe reopening as Wishbone

Three Cooks Cafe reopening as Wishbone
Three Cooks Cafe reopening as Wishbone

After nearly thirty years, Petaluma breakfast landmark Three Cooks Cafe will soon have new owners and a new name.

Owner Bobby Mangano is retiring, and local restaurateurs Miriam Donaldson and Josh Norwitt will reopen the cafe as Wishbone in October.

You may remember Donaldson and Norwitt from their Cotati  Penngrove venture, Humble Pie, and subsequent cafe, Blue Label at Santa Rosa’s Belvedere. Plans are for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch “with all due style and love,” according to Donaldson. The name: A nod to Petaluma’s feathery chicken ranching history and “an all around merry thought,” she said.

Before Bobby departs, however, the couple encourage folks to stop by and say farewell. ” He deserves a fine send off for keeping it real for almost 3 decades,” she said.

841 Petaluma Blvd North, Petaluma.


15 thoughts on “Three Cooks to become Wishbone

  1. I am looking forward to eating at the Wishbone. I loved the Humble Pie and Blue Label. Those two restaurants were part of the reason I visited the Santa Rosa area. I will be coming down from Bainbridge Island, Washington to enjoy the new restaurant of Miriam and Josh. Can’t’ wait !!!!

  2. I am soooo excited to have the folks from Blue Label and Humble Pie right down the street from us. My wife and I took over Humble Pie for our post-wedding party and had the BEST time and best food there. We loved Blue Plate as well. I guess I know where we’ll be eating this weekend!

  3. Best wishes to Mr. Mangano on his retirement and many thanks to the delilcious breakfasts over that past few years! My husband and I will miss Three Cooks, and at the same time we are beyond thrilled that the Humble Pie/Blue Label folks are opening up in Petaluma!!!! Humble Pie was an all-time favorite, and we’ll be amongst the first in line to check out and support Wishbone! I just took a peek at the menus on the Wishbone website and was thrilled to see some old favorites as well as some other delectable-sounding dishes.

  4. Best greasy spoon in town with the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had. I will miss this place big time. Good luck to you.

  5. Yum! I loved the Blue Label. I cannot wait to dine with Miriam, Josh, and little Poppy. They make GREAT food and are really nice folk.

      1. Nope. Its right. You are right however that you ate at a restaurant called the 3 cooks cafe in petaluma 50 years ago but its not the same restaurant. The current owner Bobby bought the restaurant 27 years ago when it was a BBQ joint. Because the 3 cooks sign was still up Bobby decided to use the name and so its been the 3 cooks now (again) for 27 years. Trust me on this one, I got it from the ol cookie himself.

        1. You are wrong…The Name 3 Cooks has been on the sign not matter who ran that greasy spoon. I hope the new operators clean that hole up. For good food try the Boulevard Cafe. Daniel provides great food, great service and reasonable prices.

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