Golden Dragon becoming Thai Time

Downtown Chinese restaurant changing hands

Golden Dragon, a small, family-run Chinese eatery that’s long been a PD lunchtime haunt has been sold. And while the food was never much to rave about, many a noontime meeting, secret rendezvous and gossip sessions were held at the dimly-lit 402 Mendocino Ave. location. The restaurant will become a Thai Time Bistro. Sound familiar? Owners closed a Cloverdale restaurant of the same name in 2009.

That makes for a total of four Thai eateries in dowtown SR (California Thai, Thai House and Khoom Lanna in RR Square) and three Chinese eateries (Ting Hau, King Buffet and Gary Chu’s). What’s your favorite?


14 thoughts on “Golden Dragon becoming Thai Time

  1. @melikefood:
    Fair point, but that was awhile ago. The restaurants on that block seem to have stepped up their attention to cleanliness and good food and deserve a second chance, IMHO. There are a few restaurants elsewhere around downtown in more populated areas that have serious issues with flies, unclean conditions and other issues but don’t bother doing anything about them because the restaurant is in an easy location. Some of those places scare me.

  2. i’ve never gone back to California Thai ever since that restaurant block had that problems with rats.

  3. Oh no!!! I work downtown and it’s my favoriteChinese restaurant! I love the husband and wife team that cook and wait the tables! I feel like I’ve watched their little girl grow up. They, along with their walnut prawns will be missed!!!!!

  4. Woops, I meant the chinese buffet. Heather, what ever came about the meyer lemon contest at Blue Label?

  5. Is my family the only one who likes the buffet across from the PD building on Mendicino Ave? For the price it is so good. But then again if I liked the Slam Burger at Denney’s. What does that say about me?

  6. California Thai is great. The location – on 7th Street, just around the corner from Mendocino – is not a good one at all for foot traffic, but the food is worth a trip. I’ve eaten at most of the Thai restaurants in town and this is one of my favorites. Plus, super-friendly service. Worth a trip. I often drag my co-workers there for lunch.

  7. i will love a thai resto. that would serve miang kam (tasty leaf wrap tidbits)…btw, i’m hooked on noodle bowl @ russell av. for their $3 banh mi (asian sandwiches), fresh food, clean place, and superb service…i also like anh lihn @ 3rd av…o you’re asking thai resto, it has been awhile since i’ve eaten in a thai resto…mostly they are not generously portioned for the price…

  8. I haven’t been to California Thai in a long while, but I remember it being pretty tasty.
    When I worked downtown, Golden Dragon was a good choice for takeout for staff meetings, but boy, it was salty! Gary Chu’s is my fave Chinese, but I spend most of my Asian food budget now at Goji Kitchen, I must confess.

  9. Is it wrong to love one without having tried all 3?

    If not, then put me down for Khoom Lanna (she said, hastily adding Calif Thai and Thai House to her to-do list…)

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