Cherry Chocolate Bites | Holiday Cookies

Little drop cookies are cute as a bug, and even better if you want to add a little chocolate ganache to sweeten things up. I like 'em plain and simple -- just pop one in your mouth and keep on ho ho ho-ing!

Cherry Biscotti | Holiday Cookies

Italian cookies are sturdy, not too sweet and perfect for sitting round the fire or sharing with friends.

Date Balls | Holiday Cookies

This simple recipe took some trial and error to get right, but the outcome makes for a tasty treat with a little crunch.

Sebastopol Applesauce Cookies

A healthier take on holiday cookies, this recipe incorporates applesauce and whole wheat flour for a hearty, cake-like drop cookie.

Cashew Carmel Bites | Holiday Cookies

These are super sweet little gems and a little goes a long way. But who can resist cookies made with homemade cashew butter?

Cherry Toffee Oatmeal

These crispy oatmeal cookies are a great alternative to the traditional