Briana Marie Photography

Pairing Sonoma Wine with Waterfowl

The birds are back — ducks, geese, egrets, avocets, grackles, pelicans, herons, hawks and sparrows — at the wetlands at Viansa Sonoma winery, and there’s no better place from which to view them than a wood-framed outlook equipped with binoculars, telescope, bird identification guide and blankets for chilly days. Not into focusing on fowl? The […]

Ibis: Rare Birds Spotted in Petaluma

Written by Eric Gneckow for the Petaluma Argus-Courier. Many hundreds of bird species have made an appearance in the expansive wetlands of southeast Petaluma, delighting birders and casual observers alike. But every now and then, one species takes the spotlight. In what one wetlands activist described as a potentially once-in-a-generation event, a group of white-faced […]