Syrah to become Petite Syrah?

Silvers plans to revamp his popular Railroad Square eatery.

From the rumor mill: Big news from one of Santa Rosa’s favorite chefs: Josh Silvers says that after twelve years, it’s time for big changes at his destination-restaurant, Syrah Bistro.

Now don’t panic, because the Syrah you love isn’t totally going away. Think of it as a sort of restaurant Botox.

Come spring, the Railroad Square eatery is set to be transformed with a new look, new small plates menu and new name — Petite Syrah. Silvers and his staff are currently working on the new menu and working with a designer on the interior concept for the restaurant. Fans shouldn’t worry much, however, because Silvers plans to make the turnaround quickly, with only a week or so of down time at the restaurant.