Supermarket Spy: PetitPot Pot De Creme

Pot de creme made with Belgian chocolate is worth every calorie

petitepotThere are some desserts so deliciously decadent that you really don’t want to know the recipe, for fear it will ruin the gastronomic magic.

Chocolate pot de creme is one of those desserts, made with whipping cream, whole milk, egg yolks, sugar and chocolate. Basically the five horsemen of your diet apocalypse.

Unlike pudding, pot de creme is heated like a custard and then baked in a water bath, with no added thickening agents, making it intensely flavorful and creamy. And absolutely nothing like that sad powdered stuff you mix with milk and cook on the stove.

PetitPot, based in SF, has mastered this ultimate French dessert, selling it in adorable 4.2 ounce jars that makes it feel a whole lot less like something that’s headed straight for your inner thighs and a whole lot more like something worth savoring — alone — on a cool fall evening in your jammies.

We’re particularly fond of the dark chocolate version, with 70 percent cacao Belgian chocolate.  Other flavors include lemon, vanilla and salted caramel, along with seasonal flavors like pistachio and praline.

Cooked up by two Frenchmen, natch, it’s as close to heaven as you can get with with a spoon.

$3.99, available at Whole Foods