Question of the Week: Perfect Sunday Suppers

What's the perfect meal to start (or end) the week right?

Many local restaurants are banking on the Sunday supper — a fixed price family-style meal — to bring regulars back again and again for a hearty meal to start (or end) the week of right. From pot roast and meatloaf to prime rib or roast chicken, it’s all about comforting dishes that make us feel like we’re sitting around grandma’s table.

BiteClub’s on the hunt for the perfect Sunday meal, whether it’s one you create at home or one you eat out. Share your faves!


2 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Perfect Sunday Suppers

  1. Sunday is family day. This is what we usually in our mind. Every Sunday, we always make sure that we spare time for that certain day to be with our family having meals together. This make sense too, why some restaurants have offers some promos for a family treat. In my part, we usually spend our Sunday joining the mass together and after mass, we go out for an outing or a simple Barbe q in the garden. Simple but yet the essence and true purpose is still there. Being one, complete and happy family.


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  2. Because we’re usually rushing throughout the week, Sunday is our one day to create a good old-fashioned family dinner at home. I’m willing to roast a whole chicken or a pot roast in the oven for hours, spend a serious amount of time chopping and sauteeing veggies, and taking extra care to create something marvelous – especially since leftovers from the meal will be eaten for at least two days after that what with soccer, baseball, and every other activity that has us running out the door.

    Fave Sunday meals are always at home, and are meals like homemade tortilla soup, whole roasted chicken with giblet gravy, salmon and baked potatoes, or a pot roast with roasted veggies and french bread.

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