Stout Bros. pub/Anatolia

Quick update on the status of Anatolia and the space’s new resident, Stout Brothers Pub.

Jeremy Crone, a partner in the new Irish pub and restaurant says that they’ll be working on refurnishing the spot through the summer and are looking at a Sept. 1 opening date. Stay tuned.

Meantime, fans of Moose Jamal’s Mediterranean cafe, Anatolia are wondering just what happened. Jamal, reached at his Cotati restaurant, Cafe Salsa, says that the rent just got too high for the restaurant in downtown SR. Though he promised regulars he’d be re-opening soon, the deal seems to have fallen through, and he’s still looking for another location in Santa Rosa.

Jamal continues to run Cafe Salsa (Cafe Salsa 8230 Old Redwood, Cotati) and is a partner in the Redwood Cafe (8240 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, 795.7868).

Meanwhile, if you’ve got an absolute hankering for pitas and hummus, BiteClub recently stopped by the new East West Cafe (2323 Sonoma Ave., Santa Rosa, 707.546.6142). The interior has been transformed from rustic BBQ joint to a bright, bubbling oasis. We tried several dishes, including the hummus and babah ganoush which were reasonably tasty (though crying out for more spice). The chicken schwarma plate, which is a pita stuffed with grilled chicken, hummus, grilled tomatoes and onions, was on the right track, but again–and I fully admit this is a recurring issue I have with ‘healthier’ restaurants–just kind of lacking in the Uumph! department. And here’s the rub: The basil vinagrette dressing on my side salad was incredible, tasty, zingy and alive. So I know flavor is possible. Am I crazy? Taste buds overly stimulated? Or right on track?

Tell me your take on East West