Starbucks Evenings Coming to Santa Rosa

Coffee giant Starbucks is keeping stores open for evening beer, wine and small plates. Santa Rosa is slated to be one of the early test markets.

Ever wished you could get a glass of wine and some truffle popcorn at Starbucks at night?
Personally, I can’t say that I’m especially jazzed about anything other than getting a post-6p.m. caffeine fix, but Starbucks’ new “Evenings” has quietly started up in a few markets, including Northern California. Hint: That means us.

Starting Sept. 25 (we hear), the Coddingtown Starbucks will serve beer, wine and a small plate selection that includes (according to their sample menu) things like spinach artichoke dip with pita chips, truffle mac and cheese, flatbreads, a cheese plate, bacon-wrapped dates and truffle popcorn, along with a selection of wines (Ferrari-Carano chardonnay is on the list) along with various craft beers.

In the midst of so much locally made charcuterie, cheese, bread and beer, it seems pretty beside the point to be going to Starbucks for your fix. Not to mention the whole Boulange fiasco (bring my dang scones back). But then again, Starbucks is like an old friend — a little boring, but approachable and non-judgmental. Especially when you get that venti Frap with double caramel and whip. We get it.

Here’s a note from Starbucks on their new concept:

We’ve always been your neighborhood morning stop—a place to help you start your day. Now we’re bringing a little delight to your evenings too.

Our Starbucks Evenings menu features a thoughtful selection of wine and craft beer alongside the signature coffee and tea beverages you know and love. Enjoy one of our savory small plates – whether it’s our creamy Truffle Mac & Cheese or a delicious flatbread.

So take a moment to unwind, meet up with friends and enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious little something—with us.

Check out the “sample menu”.