Spork Restaurant opening in Cloverdale

New Cloverdale pop-up restaurant, Spork, opens in Cloverdale


Spork Restaurant opens in Cloverdale on Valentine’s Day with Chef Andrew Casey at the helm. Operating just three nights per week (Thurs-Sat), the pop-up will be located inside the Eagle’s Nest Deli, featuring locally-sourced dishes ranging from house-made sausages to hangar steak, shrimp and mushroom risotto and baked oysters.

113 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, 707-687-8795.


11 thoughts on “Spork Restaurant opening in Cloverdale

  1. Dropped by Spork on Thursday and loved it. We sat at the bar. Wishing Andrew and his team the best of luck. We will definitely be back.

    1. Spork restaurant in Cloverdale is a stand alone restaurant not associated with any other business at this time. Nor are we the restaurant that closed down in San Francisco.

    1. Kris,

      They have poor customer service. When they did the Lions Share coupon book the first time, they realized too late that they should have had certain limitations. We, as a party of 4, went in, stared at the menu for several minutes, went through placing our order, then presented the coupon at payment. They stated the coupons were no good on what we ordered. We stated there were not limitations listed on the coupon. They refused to honor the coupon, so we left. Sorry, but if you mess up like that, you should honor the coupon, Once you realize your mistake you can post a sign clearly stating your error and the correction. You don’t alienate potential repeat business like that. We eat out A LOT, and could have been regulars. Likely we were one of the first, if not the first group that brought the problem to their attention. They should have just honored and then corrected going forward. I noticed in the following books they did list their restrictions.

  2. Congrats to Andrew. Looking forward to Spork. Understand he’s already getting a great response. Cloverdale…the final frontier.

  3. Yes spork will be in the same location as Eagles Nest but will be a different atmosphere and menu. Menus are posted at: sporkrestaurant.com and reservations: 707-687-8795.
    Live to cook & love living it,
    Andrew Casey

    1. Andrew, thank you for the reply. I did not see a “contact us” on your webpage. Feedback on the site….the black on dark teal for the menu section is very hard to read. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor and hope to come in and give you a try as soon as my hubby finds a job! 🙂

  4. So inside Eagle’s Nest, but not actually the Eagle’s Nest? I refuse to eat at Eagle’s Nest, but would be willing to try a new place.

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