Sonoma’s Artefact Design and Salvage Reopens in Pop-Up Shop

Artefact Design and Salvage permanently closed their storefront in August, after 17 years at Cornerstone Sonoma.

It was sad news for Sonoma shoppers when Artefact Design and Salvage permanently closed their storefront in August after 17 years at Cornerstone Sonoma. The store housed a unique collection of new, salvaged, rare, exquisite and weird design items. Where would we now find decorative blobs of glass and gnarled tree branches to hang on a wall, or a giant chair made from teak root?

But in late October, Artefact proprietor and curator, David Allen, announced on social media that a new store was popping up. The business opened a week later on Sonoma’s Fremont Avenue.

On display at this new more intimate space are Allen’s patented ARTEFACTcurator Wall Mounts — wall panels studded with brass screws that can hold decorative pieces like branches, flowers, vases and framed art. Wool blankets from Spain, cork purses, air plants and staghorn ferns are also available.

Allen’s new pop-up store should not disappoint those in search of the big, bold and eccentric. The entrance is flanked with terracotta heads of Bacchus and Maenad, which were previously perched on the roof of the Vanderbuilt Hotel in New York City. The heads were removed from the hotel due to safety concerns, and Allen saw to it that they made their way across the country. Outside the store, a yard houses oversized pieces like the decorative top of a massive column and a giant limestone seal from Philadelphia. Allen travels the US by truck in search of rare finds—Pennsylvania has become one of his favorite places for old architectural pieces that become available during demolitions.

If you’re not in the market for giant finds, there’s lots of little things to love at the Artefact pop-up store, and gifts items will be making an appearance before the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, it will be interesting to see what will become of the three hundred plastic snowmen that Allen would arrange in creative formations at Cornerstone Sonoma each year. Judging by the surprise element in his design and curation choices, we’re guessing (hoping) Allen will drop more zany decorative fun.

Artefact Design and Salvage, 27 Fremont Drive, Sonoma, 707-933-0660,, Open Wednesday through Sunday 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.